Dead Or Alive movie

That sound you hear is 930902409024092492 fanboys wetting their pants. :tdown:

“The big-screen adaptation of the fighting video game serial, which follows the adventures of an all-female kick-boxing squad”… wow… I so have to see this… if I’m being held down!

God PS2! DOA - The Movie o_O. Although I can’t say I’m surprised. But, DoA is even more hated than SSBM if I’ve understood things correctly.

<— rabid DoA-hater.

It’s going to be hard to keep a straight face watching those actors play DOA characters.

I’m seeing this, I don’t care how many teenaged wiggers are there.

Oh God. Keven Nash is going to be Bass. I will see this movie just to die laughing.

This should be entertaining. It would have been awesome if they had Hulk Hogan playing as Bass.


(Hey Hyperbomber, we haven’t played any 3rd Strike in a long time. Hows it been?)

He could use the money, I hear he is actually doing a reality show to promote his daughter’s singing career. :shake:

But I have to wonder, how do you make a movie about a game series that barely had any story to begin with?

I mean SF there was the Guile/Bison angle, and MK it was a rip off of Enter the Dragon anyway. But DOA?

Even if this is total crap, itll still be a million times better than Street Fighter.

Street fighter movie was great because it was so shit it was funny at the same time.

doa movie, fuck that. Least if the film is sucky, an almost certainty it will go well together with the shitty game

I would assume all actresses get either a) breast implants or b)all the boobs will be computer generated to simulate the bounce as seen in the game.

Not so good. My stick came apart and I made the mistake of buying Nuby’s anniversary stick(total crapola). I’ve been trying to get someone to photoshop me a template(since I’m an art program retard)so I can get Dreaded Fist to custom build me one but haven’t had any luck yet :sad:
Hopefully I’ll find a taker so I can get back online soon and we can hit it up.

Jamie Pressly enough said. Bad movie.

Shit yeah, I’m seeing this. This game is mega fun.

this is gonna be a trainwreck…

We all know this is going to suck, at least MK1 the movie was good…

Thats cool by me bro, I just modded myself a stick and I still need to wire it. Whenever I finish my stick hopefully we’ll both have working sticks, and I can show you my other Sean skills. Since I was using a Pad when I first played you, it’s hard to do moves with that thing.


Wow this movie is going to be atrocious.

…perverts rejoice… (sigh) Why…Why…? What is the industry coming to? Are they THIS desperate to milk out a quick buck?

If this movie was being made in Japan or in Hong-Kong and followed the Ninja side of the story I might have had hope for it.

But since it is Hollywood and it is trying to follow the DOA-Tech side of the story I know it will suck on a level that has not been seen since Super Mario Bros the movie.

Hell a Hong Kong take on the DOA-Tech Story might work but not this piece of shit!

The director and coreographer is Corey Yuen. Hes got quite a few nice HK action flicks, including a (pretty good) all-chick flick called “So Close”:

That makes the film instantly better than SF and MK. Even when Yuen is at his worse (like “The One”, with Jet Li or “The Transporter”, which he also co-directed), we still get better movies than that SF abomination.

SF sucked because the director didnt care about it. The Street Fighter Film was not Street Fighter. MK - meh. Dead or Alive, it won’t look as good as the game, story - meh.