Dead Or Alive movie

That’s Hogan, and he DOESN’T need money.

Devon Aoki is way to flat to play Kasumi… But she’s pretty hot, so I’ll more than likely go see this pile of hot crap, for a laugh or two.

Same here :rofl: :rofl:

typical hollywood retarded casting, just like Jessica Alba in Sin City - Idiots.

Sorry, I’m going to have to disagree with this comment, that chick looks like she has downs. I have an asian fetish too, and in movies she has the power to make me want to be gay. She gets like negative six boners on my scale. The ultimate butter-face.

Dear god. I had a feeling they’d cast Devon Aoki as Kasumi if they ever made this only on the fact that she’s half japanese. Devon Aoki playing Kasumi is as fitting as if Kristen Kreuk played Chun Li in a street fighter movie. And the guy playing Hayabusa is too scrawny to play him, not to mention too baby faced. I’m sure he’s got the skills, but anyone playing a buffed up super ninja should weight at least like 180 pounds. Kevin Nash as Bass LOL. wtf…

Man, besides Kosugi, how many of these people are martial artists?! If these mothers were smart, they’d have Hakeem Alston as Zack…I’m so fuckin’ tired of these retard castings:

“Hmm, it’s going to be a martial arts movie…who do we cast?”

“Anybody famous! You can always fake THAT stuff.”

I always pictured Dennis Rodman as Zack, ever since that movie he was in with Jean Claude Van Damme…

I really disagree with Devon Aoki playing as Kasumi. She’s not even anywhere near as close to Kasumi’s look at all. Kasumi has a beautiful face and an incredible body, Devon looks like some random chick they picked just cuz “OMFG she’s part Japanese!!!” Man, I’m telling you, pretty soon, we’ll see Lucy Liu as LeiFang, and “Random Korean lady off the street” as Ayane…

here’s to chiaki kuriyama as lei feng<3

Kevin Nash is in it?! LOL, now I know this shit is gonna be one of them train wreck/ hilarious movies.

Why do you guys hate? the movie is never equal to the game, so stop comparing them.

This movie is gonna kickass on a Kazzam like level.

Yeah but with DOA the bar wasn’t even set all that high to begin with. A few of the castings make it seem like there is almost no hope of at least good action (which isn’t true, but a few do hurt).

Anyway I don’t hate nor do I love Devon Aoki. She did a pretty good job in Sin City. But even the worst characters and acting owned in Sin City.

Micheal Madsen almost made me cry how horribly he delivered his lines.

I’m a bit of a purist. If you aren’t a martial artist, you have no business trying to pretend to be one in movies. They should use either Hakeem Alston (He’s got the build, and is a DAMNED good martial artist), or if Hakeem’s not available, Wesley Snipes (Although he may be TOO muscular) cuz HE’S really good at playing a black martial arts master with something wrong upstairs (Demolition Man: Simon Phoenix). They could cast Jet Li as Jan Lee…

I don’t know how people are naming these Japanese women I never heard of (boobie models I’m guessing), but I sure hope there’s actual video game footage in the movie. That’s always sweet!

Look, as long as it says DOA on the title, the chicks are decent looking and the occasional fighting manoevre is from the game, I’ll be happy.

Funny you mention the Rodman-Zack similarity, oddly enough Dennis Rodman voiced Zack in DOAXVB. :rofl:

this movie could only be good if they ever make or take some of those DOA doujin stories i been reading and make them into a movie :rofl: lots of story potential there :rofl:

Yeah, it’s usually worse. And since the game is already so bad, who knows how far this movie is gonna go.

You guys are just assuming this is a martial arts flick…
What if it turns out that this movie is based on DOA: XBV?

I seriously hope they drop the current cast and recast it completely with real volleyball players. Get that fake shit outta here!

…even with a movie, Itagaki still won’t be able to get laid.