Dead Or Alive online

Source: Dead Or Alive online alpha test info leaked
the pics look a lil weird, they make DOA with an anime style?

Who gives a fuck about DOA. Seriously I want to know.

See me after class.

…With my immature joking aside, I’m actually kinda interested in this. Yes, I’m serious.

played too much Counter Masher 4

DOA 2/ 2 Hardcore for dc/ ps2 was good. I didn’t bother with 3 and 4. This one has a character creator that lets you create…anime style characters, yet the other character models are DOA style? That just seems stupid.

Its a avatar system you dumbass.

Hahahaha, yeah, DOA4 is so broke you don’t even have to play it to know it.

Wait. No you don’t.

Go ahead and mash counters. I’ll end you :lol:

But naw, I haven’t played it in a while. This looks interesting, though.

Well I like DOA but unfortunately this doesn’t interest me in the least. I finally bought DOA4 like 4 months ago and played it probably…4 times. Just didn’t feel like learning it when everyone had nothing but bad things to say about the game. Sucks cuz my favorite character Helena is really good in that game. Hoepfully she stays strong in 5.

To be fair, the game is fun when you’re not playing button mashers. On top of that, the game isn’t hard to learn, so it doesn’t hurt to play. But, this, I don’t care about.