Dead or Alive or Super Smash Bros? Which you rather have to deal with?

WhichSeeing that the morjority doesnt tae these to games seriously,which the you rather have to deal with ifyou had to?

Why do I get the feeling this is Flame Bait thread #2

One is a game with an inflated/fictious competitive scene that is probably overall as young if not younger than Smash and several times more immature. Not to mention it’s very life line is dependent on Microsoft jamming thousands of dollars into it via WCG/CGS.

The other game is easily the most competitive fighting game in the USA as far as numbers, organization, self-sufficient, possibly even hype too. The game literally has over 10-15 annual tournaments that go over 100 people. Has LARGE ass scenes around the world (not just Japan btw) and puts up strong prizes and unity even now without the MLG’s help.

The only people who could possibly look at this poll and not laugh are:

#1 Idiots
#2 People with EXTREME hate or insecurity issues with Smash
#3 DoA fanboys

DEAD OR ALIVE!!!:wink: " she kicks high…":wink:

Because the title basically says “FL4M3 TYM3”

Easily Smash. DoA4 is a joke, and while I don’t play Smash it’s at least something different.

I rather play dead or alive

can you please not start threads just for the purpose of proving a point everyone already disagrees with you on, thanks

Wheres the STFU and Die option?

how are these threads staying open at all…wtf is going on here.

smash because I can comfortably say that it’s easier to find smash comp than marvel comp and that’s no joke.

Considering the majority does take Smash seriously…

No, I mean the majority of competitive gamers smartass.

I really wish I was a Mod right about now…lol

…in before lock.

Either way. Both games suck.


I’m really starting dislike the Shoryuken community.

I choose neither.

^ Cry more.

Troll more.

Go play Smash.

And if you don’t like SRK. GTFO.

No one will miss you.


wow…alright this is getting fuckin ridiculous. >(…Where the fuck is SK? Summon put there mod summon materia on right now!