Dead or Alive Ultimate - GOOD Games Thread

Use the format such as

Game: Dead or Alive 1 (DoA1) or Dead or Alive 2 (DoA2)

then post good game shit… you know the damn rules.


GGs to BrooklynsFinest (or however he spelled out his name). Great Helena vs Helena sessions. Sorry I had to cut our fights short, but I had to run. Seriously, though, I wanna play you again sometime.

Later, man.

Good games to RICH (gamertag: Hazuki Ryo) for just FUCKIN’ EVERYONE UP IN THE ROOM at DoA2. Don’t you ever lose?? Let some other people play in the room, ya dick. And Hayabusa & Ein 10-Hit combos are just mean, I can’t believe you did that shit to us all. And picking Leon and winning is just OBNOXIOUS. Ah well, good job. You have a solid…er…solid…y’know what: FUCK whoever you used. :xeye:

Sick games to Buster wolf, you and me owned that session, and fuck off to that guy who kept hitting low with ryu and getting owned every time lol, free points, fun session, time for sleep =]

GG’s DIOS. Yeah good games to the Hayabusa scrubs and thier predictability for the easy points.

GG’s scoot nice jan lee them kicks are fucking fast and gg’s to whoever else I played.

Yeah gg’s man. That shit was fun.

Well now, I just got a serious taste of high-level DOA play.
This cat that goes by the alias “mygodhatesyou” is a dedicated Ein player who uses a MEEEEEEEEEEEAN zoning game with Ein’s forward+P or P+K(you know, those power punch moves he has). I got to a point where I could counter some of it, but he knew how to switch it up soooo well that I couldn’t help but get nervous. I got close only a few times, but no cigar. And of course there were some other great players I encountered tonight(a lot of S players)… The theme for that session was “just take beatings and laugh about them.”

Fun stuff… 3:30AM and I’m just now getting off.

GG’s Blazze. Dirtied me up. You’re the best I’ve played online so far.
Good shit

ggs to all i played tonight

Yeah yo excellent match we had bro you actually made me have to use my head when playing you… I don’t normally play singles alot only when theres no tag rooms to join ^^… But drop by in some tag matches sometime yo i’d like to see how ya fair up in that… Sweet games none the less bro :tup:

Man, the server stays too busy at this site…

Yo shin zantetsu, I was looking forward to playing you earlier today. When my turn finally came up, it was laggy as hell. I hope it’s not always like that between us. I know in CVS2, we usually don’t have great connections. Anyway, just letting you know why I didn’t stick around too long.

GG’s to Dios, GOKU/THE GOKU, Smithy (that one round before the BSOD) and many others tonight.

ggs to Busta wulf, smith smith, gokuuu and all i played tonight.

Hey guys, I like someone who don’t mistreat a person who is good at 2D fighters and play me at Loser stay.

The rank whores in DOA Ultimate are horrible…and I’m playing to master counters against a human opponent. DOA 2 counters are hard to pull off compare to DOA 3. My profile is Pantherflash this time. Someone else named SilentNinja before me. :sad:

GG to Zig21, wish I could have played you more. Awesome Bayman you have there :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, good games to you too.

I don’t know if posting a good game is a good idea. Can’t stand some of the players whose got their ass beat hard against me on Chaos, CvS 2, and GGX2 Reload… :rolleyes:

Why are they being so rude by not welcoming me with a couple of more sessions? Just because I’m average on 3D fighters doesn’t me you shouldn’t force me to leave the lobby because “He just picked Ein! Scrub!!” Pests…

Should I go back to GGXX Reload and SvC Chaos? Too many rude and ignorant people on DOAU. Can’t I just play in peace?

LOL this thread hardly get anymore posts.:rofl:

mainly due to a “good game” thread on

Hmm, I think I’ll go visit that forum now.