Dead or Alive Ultimate - GOOD Games Thread

Err, forget There’s a moderator who is in a hot streak by defending Tengu. There’s no way I’m hanging out that place, but observe.

Good games to Calipower and a handful of few. Finally some nice peeps who don’t go all funny at the session. Tricky Trick Ryu, you always escaped my grab combinations with Bayman.:rofl:

Yeah, I don’t care for the doacentral forums either. The community doesn’t seem so bad, but thier forum format and moderation stinks.

Good games to The Sureshot. Great use of a seldomly played character

After winning three straight victories with Bayman, I found out the session creator kicked me out of the winner stay bracket. What the hell? :wow:

I guess they’re really getting tired of me picking a least popular character. Nearly got banned there for being good with Bayman. Alittle lag spike, but why the hell did they kick me?

Ugh, wonderful DOA online community. Maybe now the time I should play Ayane often. Love to be such a 3D fighter scrub. :tdown:

erm…cough…silentninja man…

there is no way anyone can “kick” you…there is no option for it…not even for the host…

maybe you acidentally clicked somebodys name when you went into the lobby (happens to me many times)

Maybe you are right about that.

XedNinja, you are BAD-ASS. Let’s battle again.

GG’s to soslick and Kage Kunoichi(sp?).
There’s more, I just can’t recall the tags.

GGs to Offbeat Ninja (damn your slight Canadian lag), Lori Yagiwhatever his name is (damn your Lei-Fang and Ayane, damn all Ayanes), soslick/smoothmadgamer and all the other people that kick my ass on the regular, and to all the asses I have kicked…

Since I’ve been playing this game alot now. My countering precision time is better in most matches(even forward + free).

Anyone having trouble against Ayane players, there’s a different to users doing P+K backswing. Offline it’s easier to counter that move, but online, you must act quickly to blocking it. You’re in luck if you counter it.

If you’re up for a game, I’ll create a room for five. :tup: Damn I’m suppose to be getting HSF2:AC. :rolleyes:

good games to sweet heart 123 and angry worm. you guys both beat me up very badly. but atleast im not the worse person in this game. i was in a room with all these ss’s and i swear they sucked like shit. beat all 5 of them in a row and they started telling me to screw off and get out of here and started swearing at me. it was so funny. there all scrubs.

whats your rank dragon112???
I havent really been playing this game online much? cause it aint that great to me.
My rank was a B+ but then ever since I have been learning combos from my SS ranked friend it went down to a D. darn.

Wow, SRKers playin’ DOAU. hit me up and let’s get some games in.

GT= Kingraoh

not the greatest player, but maybe i can give you some good games.

im an ss who ownes everyone. sorry :frowning:

^^ Ah hey wassup Silent Shade. I think I’ve seen your posts on forums.

I’m not bad at DoAU OFFLINE, but last night I got online for the first time and just got wrecked. With lag, it feels so different :frowning:

Whatever it is, add me: ChennehCis, and we’ll play! I have a new Ayane tactic that I’ve been fleshing out offline but doesn’t work so well online (very twitchy/reaction based, which totally gets thrown out the window on LIVE)

Wow, been reading the thread, Calipower plays? Damn, he must be pretty good.


GGs to DarkCatalyst and Nightbird DS tonight.

Now excuse me while I have Ein’s foot surgically removed from my Jann Lee’s ass.

:lol: GGs to you too Krush. I don’t know, I guess I just finally located my missing Ein game last night. About damn time, but still…man, I was doing shit that has never been a part of my regular game plan. I was just in the zone or something.

You need to know how to use the Lag to your advantage. That’s actually where you find Depth in DOA.

Anybody else see the DOA2U finals from WCG? tetra’s Ayane is too good! ::tup:: Go watch it if you haven’t, DOACentral has it as an asx file.

Gooooooooooood games to Samurai20xx.Dude you rock.Althooooooooough I once again WOOOOOOOOOOPED YOOOOOOOOOOOOUR BUUUUUUUUUUUTT!It seems that the only game that you have the upper hand is GuiltyGear!Step it up dude!But seriosly you are an AWESOME gamer.Im glad to have fought withya and im lookn forward to another round later!PEACE!

Good games to TwistedGunz. He’s top rank in the world!!! about 7894 and about 206 losses!!! my god!