Dead or Alive: Ultimate Questions

How laggy is it if at all? Is it GGXX #R laggy or is it on par with SFIII: 3s? and Halo 2?

Can you do Tag Teams online? as in 4 folks are online playing 2v2 and everyone has a player, if so how laggy is that?

Please help me out here, I was looking into picking it up soon.

Because the combo system is different, a little lag doesn’t hurt as bad as in 3rd Strike. In DOAU, lag won’t make you miss your combos, and it won’t make you miss parries.

More similar to Halo 2 than to the other games you mentioned.

Like Rei said, when compared against those other games, the lag in DOA won’t fuck you over.

Its only really laggy if you want to play with someone in Japan and your on the east coast or something.

for more info go to im a mod there he he

your a mod over there never mind then i change my mind about posting there
screw that i knew you love that game and all but that much dang like i said before you go to far

anyways can ANYONE tell me how to get all the items in survival mode?
I unlocked the first page but the on the second page I am clueless

thanks in advance to whoever helps me out on this

There is a rare item for each character. You get them the same way as all the other survival items, but they don’t pop up frequently.