hi there.
sorry if this is the wrong section,

im just basically wanting some help or tips that i got a problem with.

i have properly solderd a xbox 360 wired microsoft pad, which uses seperated ground.

there is recistors on the trigers.
and it has terminals/bridge with quick disconnects.

Now the story begins. i was moving this pcb which was inside a small case i made
into another new case.

i reconnected all the connections to the sanwa jlf and sanwa buttons.
now in confusion, my buttons:

has all stopped functioning.
i tried reconnecting all terminals properly checking everything. fixing wires in case it broke, using wires directly from the pcb and touch them together to check if the button work.

so far no luck.

i was working in my room on the floor, which has carpet.

also the small joystick on the pcb still works but not the directional button, which we all use to solder our connections.

please help and give me some thoughts to fix this problem.

could this be a resistor problem? which got moved around when i was changing the case?

or a cause of static shock caused by the working environment i was in. ( the carpet ) but i kept very still at all times.

any thoughts guys?

please help thanks.

At those contact points, did you solder directly onto the carbon or you scrape it off? Some pictures of your board and solder joints will help.

its scraped off. solderd, then hot glue to be more secure.

ok i will post pics, when i get home.

thanks for the reply sselemit.