Dead Pool's Alt' Costume was revealed

And I’m disappointed.

They went with this:

I was really hoping that they would go with this one:

It looks like just an alt color scheme to me. Pretty sure everybody is going to have 6 colors (opposed to current 4) and 1 alt costume (probably DLC). One of his colors is the green Deathwish one, and this is probably the second. The costumes typically have model changes. Wait it out.

I like it. It looks cooler when you see it in person.

I am glad all chars are getting 6 versions this time around. Personally I always color co ordinate so colors that match with my other team are important to me However, this costume looks awesome.

Deadpool Pulp I pray gets picked for dlc

Agent X would be the best.

Even though I thought Deadpool Pulp kinda sucked, it could be a cool alt. costume. Wade doesn’t really have the widest variety of looks to pick from. Everything’s pretty close to his standard spandex.


He’s got a few good choices though. Meat Suit, Pulp, Marvel Girl Costume, that one weird alien Tiamat thing… Hell I could even go for an unmasked or street clothes version.

Holy shit how could I forget the Meat Suit…I’m ashamed.

If it isn’t pulp, please let it be this [details=Spoiler]


Personally I always thought this was the best suit he ever wore.

Although I would enjoy a Johnny Hansom throwback.

What do you guys think of Evil Deadpool?

i don’t like it… not one bit

My favorite thing about Evil Deadpool is his fucked up backwards arm. Hopefully his story arc is cool. Definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the alt. costume, but I hope not.

What do the Deadpool fans think about his DLC outfit that was just revealled?



#1 DLC costume in the game, and I didn’t even see it coming!
#2 would have to be ben reilly spidey
can’t wait for december now



This one would be awesome!