Dead Space 2

I remember making a thread for Dead Space 3 but not for 2. Weird.

Anyway, here’s some new information:

I can’t wait.

First game was so good, it made me want a wii game.

Hope this hits in october.

I hope they release another animation. I really enjoyed the one they did with the first release. :rock:

As much as i thought Dead Space was “Okay” it was leagues better than RE5. Ill be checking this one out. I do hope that give us more than just “shoot the limbs off.” This series has serious amount of potential to set the bar in its genre, all EA has to do is take their time, this game should not be rushed.

And totally give us more comic book stories, that made the whole “Dead Space” story just interesting.

btw i was my assault armor, that thing actually looked super tight.

I used Scorpion Suit to beat the game, but I did end up getting the Tank Suit DLC afterward. It should come in handy whenever I decide to take on the hardest mode for my trophies.

I only played the game once since i rented it, but from looking at my trophies, i know if i play a second time i could totally plat it. For some reason i felt that the hardest part was the turret shooting (the non boss fight one).

BTW I thought that buying ammo made the game a bit easy, since most weapons are “tools.”

ugh now i need to wrap up the first one >_<

took a “break” on mission 10 on hard and never went back to it lol

the wii game was pretty good…well worth playing. quite intuitive. i cant wait for dead space 2 that shit is going to be amazing.

im outi


I need to beat Dead Space. Game was pretty fun.

Tbh, the reason why I started to become interested in the game was because of the “animated comics” that was put up on youtube. Got me hooked to the story. Same with the movie. I really hope they do something similar for part 2.

I’m 5-10 mins into Dead Space.

Not sure if I should finish DS or NG2 first :frowning:

It takes a minimum of 4 completions to get all achievements/trophies: 2 to upgrade all equipment, 1 on impossible, and 1 with plasma cutter only. I don’t think beating the game with plasma cutter on impossible is viable though I could be wrong I’ll have to try that sometime.

Currently on my 3rd game I fucking love dead space easily one of my favorite games ever, the combat while paling in comparison to the atmosphere (as far as lighting effects and sound design DS is unrivaled) is still hella fun cutting limbs never gets boring for me.

Great fucking read, as much as I love DS it could have been better with more puzzles, more boss fights, more bioshock-esque interactivity with the background (seriously 95% of the time kinesis is useless), and seeing Isaac bitch about having to do the dirty work. It’s great to see all of this is going into the sequel along with some things I haven’t thought of like the javelin gun, having an expansive city as opposed to a small dark ship and controlling your drift through space:rock:

My biggest and only real gripe about DS was that it rewarded people like me who scour every inch of every game a little too much, the main reason the first 3 RE’s were scary is because you rarely if ever had enough ammo to fight shoot your way out. Having 3 shells and 5 zombies bearing down on you constantly keeps you in that state of panic and while DS delivers scares in more subtle and complex ways it would have been much more tense to have that “oh shit I have no ammo I gotta RUNNNNNNN!!!” feeling.

BTW sep boot stomp is not nearly half as good as you think it is actually on hard and especially impossible it’s pretty shitty because literally 100% of the enemies beyond chapter 4 require so many stomps regardless of optimal foot positioning that the only way to use it reliably is with a healthy supply of stasis. Also it doesn’t help that about nearly half of the time he uses his left foot to stomp which more often then I’d like to admit goes directly through whatever it stomps lol.

Yeah, no. I got One Gun on my first play through. Just because you couldn’t do it doesn’t make it impossible by any means. I was also playing on Hard, and I still stomped the hell out of everything. Again, just because you didn’t do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Actually it does, I tested it extensively on my current 3rd run, I used stasis on every enemy type multiple times: the weakest of the bunch “black babies” took 6 stomps on their tentacles, black regular and black scorpion necros take 10-12 on their joints as well as most others except for the shamblers that split off into those small fast things take 20-25 stomps. The point is using only stomp to kill any necro beyond chapter4 is impossible without sustaining damage (regardless of enemy type during/after 3rd stomp you get hit even if you try to back away) and/or heavy use of stasis which is not what your saying.

I’ve been meaning to upload my results on youtube but just been lazy, but if you’re still not convinced of these obviously proven facts not opinions then I feel what the hell why not make a vid lol.

Edit: actually sep I’ll bet you $100 it’s impossible to kill any black necro above the babies using only stomp without sustaining any damage throughout lets say chapter6.

I’m really excited about this. I’ve got a playthrough on impossible right now currently in chapter 3. I need to go and finish it off.

My biggest gripe in Dead Space were the bosses. Neither one of them felt fun. I’d like to see better design on that part.

Orochi, I found myself disagreeing with almost everything you said.

Kinesis was useful as hell. It let you tell dead enemies from live ones, and I’d almost call that OP.
One-gun on impossible wouldn’t be too hard especially with the plasma cutter. And the benefit of the stomp in hard is using it to finish enemies off, not to kill them. Since time-stopping is essentially free, it lets you conserve a lot of ammo.

Honestly, I wish Impossible was unlocked from the start. Even hard was too easy.
Another thing I hope for is life recharging stations. I ended my run with way too many healing items because everything was hitting for 50% or more.

Co-sign with Iren on the bosses. The way the encounters worked, none of them felt that way-- except the black hulk, but that wasn’t a real one.

I thought the boss fights were simple but still fun, I just wish there were more of them in a 13 or so hour game you have like 2 “real” bosses and 3 others that are mid level distractions I know it was probably a money thing since it was a new risky IP but still. I’d like to see the brutes be featured as regular enemies that would be pretty cool, but as bosses they’re weak the “stasis him and hit him in the back” rinse n repeat is not what a boss fight should be. You really thought chapter6 boss was poor design? it was easy yes but a very smart use of zero g and it was 1 of the few “epic” moments in DS imo.

I agree stomp is useful for finishing off enemies but what sep is saying or at least what I think he is is that he used them to actually outright kill enemies with which is of course impossible. I should have clarified when I said kinesis is useless most of the time I meant as far as combat goes more often then not the objects you have to throw at necros don’t do shit, I don’t think the game was too easy on hard it wasn’t hard either lol it was about normal for me.

Impossible is the same thing as hard except 2 hits and you’re dead I realize crafting a better AI is probably expensive but giving enemies more health and damage is a poor way to artificially shoe horn in difficulty.

*Crosses fingers hoping hoping ammo is scarce in DS2"

It takes one full clear then like one hour on a new game to max out all equipment, then another run with only one weapon, but you could start off on normal/easy and use the Plasma cutter. So really, it takes three full runs to get all the trophies/achievements. I have the plat.

It was great until it just got really convoluted and tedious. Then the plot took a shit. Hopefully 2 won’t end up the same way.

The first time I saw the boss I definitely went “OH SHIT!”, but as soon as I saw how basic the pattern was to beat him I quickly lost the luster. The simple moments in DS (like when you walk into a hallway and all the windows shatter sequentially) felt much more ‘epic’ to me. The boss fights were absolutely the parts of the game that were the least enjoyable. The last boss isn’t even worth mentioning. Other than that annoying part where he hangs you upside down and you have to shoot, none of it was hard.

I’m glad they’re clearing up the whole weapons thing too. The assault rifle was terrible, the flame thrower was terrible, and the ripper was okay. The plasma cutter was what I used for 95% of the fights because it was just the best weapon for the job. It was like the pistol in Halo.

If I was going to make another change (and this one is nitpicking), I’d really like them to not use the mini game features so much. I didn’t have fun with accuracy practice, that zero-grav ball game, or either time you’re supposed to control a turret and shoot asteroids. I’d rather they just put in another puzzle that fits in than a completely different game mechanic for a few minutes.

Ripper was the best weapon in the game based on value: 1 blade takes down almost every enemy and the drop you get for it is 4 so for every necro you kill with it if you get a gain of 3 kills, no other weapon gives that kind of value, plasma cutter is most plentiful in 6 packs but it takes like at least 4-5 shots to kill most necros beyond chapter4 when the blacks start showing up.

Flamethrower is the fucking worst piece of shit weapon, it’s laughably bad only good for clearing out pregger necros when stomachs split open.

Edit: Playing on hard now on chapter8 so fat I’ve been able to kill everything with a single saw blade with the exception of black necros that take 2. Line gun kills multiple enemies yes but you don’t find nearly as much ammo for it as you do ripper at least that was the case with me. I use line, plasma, n ripper roughly equally n always find myself with much more ripper ammo then anything else. Oh yeah and +1 for buying ammo making it too easy.