Deadfrog you are the best poster on srk

everytime i read one of your well worded missives my day brightens


I have been thinking this for a while, thank you Deadfrog.

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I guess but it doesn’t mean much when DingDangDoom doesn’t post. DeadFrog is a paper champ. A paper champ!

deadfrog i am going to post again in hopes that you see this thread


Did I miss something here? Could someone enlighten me?


Deadfrog saved me from the Viet Tang during a space fight in '87.

When did the frog die? =(

Dick riding for tomorrow, dick riding for today…

I heard Deadfrog is actually SNAAAAAKE’s mom.

dickriders in this thread! just sayin!

Hands Boel some kneepads

I read one of deadfrog’s posts, it cured my cancer and made me better at life. I also immediately got a girlfriend, a job, and a college diploma, without even leaving my computer chair.

Mad shout outs to Deadfrog, feel bad we couldn’t meet up when I was living in Kelowna man.

Some day, in the far future, when we are all long dead and gone, a young child will look up into the night sky and ask his father, “Dad, is that the constellation Deadfrog?”, and his dad will reply, “No, stupid, it’s Cassiopeia. And by the way I’m not your real dad.” Because deadfrog is bigger than groups of stars.

is deadfrog related to icefrog?

what the fuck is this?