Deadliest Warrior is BACK

(*I did the search; didn’t see a thread) It’s on right now with all the winners of last season’s match-ups being compared against each other…a “winner’s battle royale” of sorts. They divided things up into pre and post-gunpowder categories. (*this makes sense to me, as the modern warrior types would obviously have the advantage if you played this theory-fighter with all of them at once…new guys basically stand back and shoot or toss explosives = win.)

Spike channel of course…this Season 1 grand battle appears to be the precursor to the actual start of season 2, which starts at 9pm Central tonight.


I actually enjoyed this show. The one big thing I hate about it is the stupid drama among the “teams” that act as if they’ll be doing the fighting themselves, it’s that kind of ego-boosting steroid induced crap that really turns me off.

Other than that it’s a pretty interesting concept, I’m looking forward to season 2 but I’ll be busy in 420 celebrations, I might DVR the premiere.

i actually know one of the guys from the speznaz team… Sonny P… Spetznaz is the new ninja…

The show is meh. Entertaining, but hard to really believe the results found. Explain to me how even a Spartan could keep fighting after his eyes have been shredded by glass? Then they use different tests to compare similar weapons (Spetznaz vs. Seals episode)… Then there’s the macho “you guys suck at everything” smacktalk. Come to think of it, I only watched it for the weapons.

I started the thread for the first season, so of course I’m gonna be posting here.

I love this show, despite the silly “simulation” at the end and the trashtalk. Why? Because at the end of the day we get to see a ton of dummies, wood blocks and dead pigs get decimated by a ridiculous assortment of weaponry. It’s kinda like Mythbusters if they only did gun or ninja myths (which they actually do fairly often). :rofl:

Nothing better than some good ole theory fighter.

Well in the simulations, the spartans don’t always get with the glass egg. The dramatization is just that, a dramatization. They also try to feature as many of the weapons as they can.

However, I do think it’s unrealistic in the following respect: What are the odds that a warrior is carrying all 5 of their weapons at the same time? Like the Buddhist monk literally had rolled up all his weapons into a carpet type thing, and was carrying them with him wherever he went. I mean the simulations are run on the assumption that it’s a jack-of-all trades warrior that uses 5 types of weaponry. However, in reality, how many people are you going to face like that? You’ll probably end up fighting someone who specializes in a smaller range of weaponry.

This show is like one of those guilty pleasures kind of shows. The show is fucking terrible, but the ballistic tests are always cool to watch. The meat of the show is the ballistic tests and nothing more; the rest is just filler.

It also doesn’t depict proper fighting styles. A ninja wouldn’t fight a Spartan in broad daylight 1v1. A ninja would run away and come back to kill the Spartan at night, while he was sleeping. Ninjas aren’t WARRIORS, they’re assassins. It’s like pitting a shark vs a tiger. On land the Tiger gets a free meal, in the water the shark does. They really needed to pick their matchups better. A more interesting fight would be a Spartan vs a Samurai.

And they totally missed the Pirates vs Ninjas boat.


I still say the episode with Pirate vs Knight had the two biggest douches (the knight side). But the fact that the guy couldve just fucked with the program and made any side he wanted win kind of makes it meh to me but I love watching the tests.

And the pirate had the best win quote so far. My Fight Monay!!!

can i see it ? link ?

Pretty soon, they will do fictional character fights like IGN does sometimes like - Ganondorf vs Sepiroth or Paul Bunyan vs Godzilla

Just a heads up, I’m going to be in one of the episodes later in the season =P

Ming Warrior vs. Musketeer


show is alright. too much theory fighter for me to enjoy. would have loved to see the viking guys really go against the samurai guys.

i liked human weapon better. bring that back.

I can verify. He sent me the casting director’s info and I submitted for it. I didn’t get picked (was too late to the party). KillerKai’s also someone I’ve worked with on stuff for the History Channel, too.

Looking forward to your episode, Kai!

This was covered in the “Season 1” 2-hour special that put all the winners against each other (split up into “ancient” and “modern” categories of course…it’s obviously way off balance if you have people from the era of guns/explosives facing off against folks that existed before guns/explosives.). Spartan vs. Samurai is indeed quite interesting…but I was definitely correct on the most likely winner of that kind of matchup.
*what the hell? spoiler tag not working?

let’s try this again… ah, I think I simply forgot to leave out a space or 2:


Spartan of course.

It sounds like some of you guys are a bit uptight on entertainment value. I enjoy the occasional trash-talk. It adds a bit of humor to the show’s formula.

New episode was SWAT vs. GSG9, which is apparently the German counter-terrorism “special force” group…similar, but SWAT deals with a variety of other scenarios, while GSG appears to specialize in counter-terrorist action.

*seeing that guy get tasered was hilarious…as always. There should be a whole show that’s just random people getting tasered. Include children, handicapped and old people too…taser them ALL. I’d watch.

I think the trashtalk is kinda unnecessary and very facepalmy. Worst was the Mafia vs. Yakuza where the guidos they had repping the mafia (as if they were in it) were like “eyyyy, we gone beat ya like Sonny beats his wife when she brings home a calzone from Rotatori’s on 33rd Street! Best in the city!” and the dudes the found at the sushi shop they had repping the Yakuza were like “>:(”.

There’s also the goofy “simulation” thing where they RUN THE BATTLE ONE THOUSAND TIMES ON THEIR ALIENWARE ™ COMPUTER, when we all know it just attaches a random number to whoever they picked to win.

That said I’ll still probably end up watching it at least a few times on a slow day.

I still call bullshit on Spartan vs Samurai that shit was beyond rigged to me.

That’s a good point, but it would help us a lot of they explained exactly how this simulation works. All they say is that some “computer whiz” made it. Are Spike viewers that stupid or just uninterested in anything aside from explosions and tits?