Deadliest Warrior: The Game

Anyone seen this game/bought/played it?

It’s the most balanced fighter since Mugen.



I played it at a friends place. Ninja is top tier. Fastest normals can stuff anything in this game. You can literally poke all you want, and end up being able to block/dodge or even stuff their attacks again with your normals. His unblockable is one of the best in the game too which gives a free combo. Shurikens are also free guard damage which you can end with normals.

But who the fuck cares. You can run around in circles and never get hit.

This game sucks.

I’ve been looking for a topic like this. I like realistic fighting games, so this is something that I like to buy and play, but I would have to wait for a release date from the Playstation 3 version. It relates to the series Bushido Blade and that’s interesting to me.

Cooler than Soul Caliber, more gory than Mortal Kombat. Not really worth it, very simple game though I guess the typical srk fan would like it.

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Great show.

Also in more depth:

This game doesn’t even have juggling. What a piece of shit.

From Spoony’s videos, I agree that Bushido Blade has more or much more depth, because I’m seeing that when comparing these two fighting games. Bushido Blade had it’s hit detention problems too, but the age differences between these two, I believe that Spike developers who have worked on Deadliest Warrior should have corrected it’s issues and not releasing it early. They have time to resolve this though. I never thought that comparing non-traditional fighting games to traditional ones was a good idea, because they are different, but it’s his opinion nonetheless.

However, alike him on the case of recent fighting games today, I don’t like the majority of them except for two fighting games so far, after trying them.

I’ve also heard that he mentioned the Marvel or Capcom series, where you can select styles and weapons for your character before your fight start if I’m not mistaken. I’m wondering, since when can you do this on these games?