Deadliest Warrior

This is the thread for the show on Spike TV. Seems to me that they digitize the moves into a computer program and when you actually see the fight at the end between let’s say Ninja VS Spartan; that is actually CGI graphics and two CPU controlled characters fighting eachother based on the properties of each move(s) and weapons the programmers put into the simulation program. I put this in FGD because it basically is one. At least for the simulation part being two AI controlled characters.

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thanks for the heads up bro

I wish they did Knight vs. Samurai instead of Viking vs. Samurai

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I really have enjoyed it thus far.

I am not sure how the computer program works, but given the info they are collecting it seems like they are basing their decisions on the damage done versus what defensive measures are available. I guess they factor in the range of weapons as well, but there doesn’t seem to be more than that. I would say the computer program is the weakest part of the show, but I guess they have to use something to make decisions that people will feel is impartial.