Deadlock tactics?

Hi, I’m curious about the Deadlock mechanic. You dont see it much in videos, apart from projectiles.

After a deadlock clash occurs, both players will automatically hop back, but this can be canceled into any move or jump.

What’s the strategy in using this mechanic? Do people have things that they like to always do after a deadlock? What’s your thought process when a deadlock happens? Do you try to clash moves deliberately sometimes, to induce a deadlock?

You can basically cancel out a special attack by using strong punches/kicks.

Like Athena’s psycho ball, just Hard kick that and it’s gonna cancel out.
So I think it goes something like this.

Just remember that light attacks don’t count.

HP/HK = Special attacks
Special attacks = Special attacks

“Dr Deelite” Sent me this message when I requested for a Sousai Chart.

“Light attacks can’t deadlock. All heavy attacks can deadlock. All specials are considered heavy attacks. So, for example, Terry’s lp burn knuckle will clash with any heavy attack or any projectile. This is actually a really useful example…you can intentionally lp burn knuckle from full screen into a projectile, then cancel the clash animation into a hyper hop forward and you’re right in their face, and they might still be recovering from projectile.”

Thnx Dr Deelite :tup:

thanks, i know how it works, i want to know if people are intentionally using this mechanic and what they do. what kinds of things are good to do after you clash a move?

Depends, which character do you want to know.
I know a bunch of good Deadlocks to hit moves. :tup:

Put together a list! …please

is it useful with clark? i don’t think so… since his only special is sab… one senario i can think of if u r using his hop then if athena is spamming psycho balls u can deadlock it and hop right after to get close safely… and if u r within sab range afterwards maybe u get a free one?

I played this game a bit in the arcade, but never got to play with deadlock’s in depth. But since you can clash with a projectile, can this be done consistently like a parry in SFIII or nothing like this at all? What kind of specific timing is required to ensure deadlock?

I had a few deadlocks in my arcade experience, and after a while I was able to predict when my opponent and I might clash.

I’m picking up this game tomorrow so I might just answer my own question, but some clarification would be nice! :smiley:

The use of strong attacks can clash out those projectiles :tup:
Really fancy stuffs. Just practice and you can get these for your advantages.

be careful with this, if you’re low on health it’s prbbly not a good idea since you still lose a slight amount of health from a clash.

(its probably common knowledge, but just pointing it out for those who might not know yet)

Yeah, he/she’s right.
Dont bother doing this when you’re full screen away from the opponent. You can just roll safely from it.

so more useful would be like if Robert throws his fireball and Joe is 1/2 screen away, Joe clashes, then hops right into Roberts face for some combo fun?

one deadlock strategy is if u deadlock by any chance, do a super that has a quick start up time and they end up eating it. Example, me as Ash vs. Kyo, our Sweeps Clashed, and i did his qcfx2 K Super and he ate it. I inputed it right when the red flash appeared tho so you gotta have good reflexes for that

If you deadlock a projectile, you won’t lose the health according to the bradygames guide. It effectively is a parry, plus it gives you slight frame advantage to close in on your opponent.

If you deadlock with two physical attacks (attacks where you clash your opponent while touching them, most common is fierce vs fierce deadlock), then that will trade 30% of the damage of the full blow to both people, which is what you should watch out for if you are low on health.

In most cases you should do one of 2 things, use a high priority move like an uppercut or super, or don’t do anything and block and punish what they are trying to do. If you anticipate that the opponent is just going to block, you can go for a dashing throw.

In the note of an air clash, you should use light attacks as they beat out heavy attacks most of the time.

Sounds like deadlock is a bit of RPS in a match.

You do realize you could also cancel it into his BD forward hop, right?