"Deadly Combos"?



I’ve recently read a FAQ about Rock.

And it says that I should never jump at Iori due to Ioris “Deadly Combos”.

What are these “Deadly combos” he speaks of?
I thought the only good combo iori had was his standing fierce cancelled to 3 upperuts? (qcb Punch x3)

Are there any very highly damageing combos I should know of besides the ones that use Level 2 Canelling (C-groove)?

Thanks your input.


He has one of the best B&B combos in the game. He has a stun combo in C-groove.

c.lk x3, qcb+hp x3

s.lp x2, c.mp, qcb+hp x3

and so on and so on. I’m too lazy right now to post all his combos, but he is probably the 2nd/3rd best SNK character.


He’s got an anti air custom combo in A that does over 7000 damage. It’s not just Rock but any motherfucker in general should never jump at him when he’s got that up his sleeves.


theres an iori c groove combo i like throw in everyone once and a while. theres a hole in the setup of the combo, but if it connects, its well worth it.

it works best on 60 stun point characters. characters like rock (who i believe is a 70 stun point character) you’ll have to add an extra hit somewhere.

anyway vs 60 stun point characters:

c.lk, s.lp XX fp dp, cross up b+lk*, c.lk, s.lp, c.lk XX level 2 maiden masher, at the 10th hit of the auto combo XX level 1 pillar super, walk forward, s.mp, s.f+mp XX fp dp. opponent dizzies, s.lp, s.fp XX hcb + fp x 3.

good damage, it dizzies, you get meter back.

*point where its broken, you’ll have to mix it up a bit.
also vs 70 point characters, you could try and go for a j.fp, s.mp, s.f+mp after the pillar super to get the dizzy.



how do you do his 7000 damage anti air custom combo? i haven’t played CvS2 in a while.