Deadly kick

Do people even use my boy yamazaki, i mean in the end he’s a pretty good character…no let me redo that…he is a great character. His kick is is so damn good cause it comes out quick as hell and it just stops alot of stuff. Lets say someones jumping at him when he has a super …i feel sorry for them cause a super is comeing and there isn’t much they can do about it.

He has some pretty good moves and some decent combos so why is it that no one uses eh??

Not only that but he has about the best roll in the game. Role through your opponents move and throw him, it almost never fails. He is also very tricky.

There’s a fair number of people who uses Yamazaki.

Yes, his kicks are his best assets. His serpents arent bad either. I use it all the time as a follow up in any of my blocking strings.

Don’t Forget his Counter and his Fireball Counter

Yamazaki has High Hp because is part of the “Big” Characters
(Yamazaki, Geese, Sagat, Chang…)

his kills a lot of jump ins.

a combo/string I like to abuse is c.lp, xx hcb+k xx hcb+p.

Or straight up s.hp xx dp+hp for the “haha sucker you fucked up” factor when I block their desperation dp’s(due to these suckas being low on life). Yamazaki brings bitches to their knees. I use him constantly expect he has problems against vega(claw) and eagle. Fighting Sagat is always a long fight too.

In C groove, lvl 2 grab super, cancelled into lvl 1 guillotine right before the last hit of the grab super hits(that stupid pink drill shit).

Yama’s roll is 2nd tier. Anyway, instead of wasting a lvl 1, juggle with qcb+k xx qcb+ mp

Yep, standing HK, roll to super throw, ground poke strings and dp K hi lo mix up make him good. Plus he has one of the coolest win poses in the game.

his losing pose is what makes me wonder about him…does he HAVE to die with his ass pointing up like that?

But seriously…I love Yamazaki…he’s the man