Deadpool air hht dhc into dante?



hello, I have been doing combos that end with Dante’s Jam Session, S, j.SS into qcf MM air hht and I’m trying to dhc into dante.

I’m wondering if anyone know a consistent way to land the dhc. I’m getting really random results and have tried looking at hit counters, throwing qcf LL instead, and all kinds of different timings to cancel and I am still getting random results.

I’m thinking maybe i should super jump a greater height, but atm my only avaliable PS3 is in my friend’s apartment…so just wondering if anyone actually attempted this?


You need to pay attention to the number on the hit counter when you do it. I think the DHC works on odd hits. It’s either odd or even I’m sure just pay attention to the hit counter.


dhc from higher up, and you want to dhc before all the bullets reach the target, while they’re still leaving deadpool’s guns. if you did it right, there will be a few bullets still on their way by the time dante comes in shooting (i’m assuming you’re doing million dollars? devil trigger works but you’re not going to get any damage unless you xf and shoot thunderbolts)

same concept as triggerhappy>teleport, do it before deadpool finishes shooting basically.