Deadpool Animated Av Request

Can someone make me a premium animated av using this image of deadpool. Edited to have Deadpool wearing one of those Mickey Mouse hats, I would also like to have some hand movement (just the left hand) that immitates firing the gun whilst shouting PEW! PEW! PEW! in yellow comic book like font (something like Ariel Black, italic with black outline) without a speech bubble.

If I could have my username in small text bottom corner that would be great

Heres a pic of the hat and deadpool.


lol! That’s awesome!

Wicked Awesome!

return of the SASMATARS? :pleased:

Thanks. B)

I’m working on it, buddy. I’m trying to make that come back! [Slow And Steady Comeback.]

Nice work Sas. :tup:
Deadpool is the sh!t!



Deadpool>>>everyone else

lol pretty hot.

Sasmasta thats way better than I even hoped it would turn out! Thanks man! :bgrin:

man that’s an epic gif… I like how you put the magic kingdom in the background

That’s straight up fire, Sas. Great job! :tup: