Deadpool attack strings



The thing I thought was safe, quick work canceled by teleport, is -3 if you do it perfectly. It’s a guaranteed throw for your opponent.

I am going to rework this post when I get a little more time to test. Possibly tonight or next week.


I just started using that!


Sorry, I didn’t test it enough.

Pretty sure that if you can confirm block you can do L guns then safely teleport out of that. Gonna test that soon with the different blockstrings. I’m realizing that to play Deadpool right you have to be able to hit confirm.


L Trigger-Happy is -14 frames on block with 30 recovery frames. Teleport has 25 frame startup. Idk if that helps any.
How safe it is depends on the distance it’s being shot from though. Fullscreen it’s safe, anything midscreen or closer it’s not.


I just went into training mode and recorded the dummy doing downback for a moment, then holding back + H with the turbo at max setting (hori says it’s 60 fps). I could not teleport in after L guns and throw out a s.L without getting thrown. I I tried setting my L to max turbo, still got thrown. I even tried teching the throw manually and with turbo. I couldn’t. The only thing that was at all good was that sometimes Deadpool teleports out of throw range.

Based on this test it seems to me that guns xx teleport is throwable on block.

If you guys find anything different let me know. I would love to be wrong about this because it seems like it means Deadpool can’t do any of the cool stuff I thought he could do. He can only teleport in safely with cover from an assist.

I’ll repost some of the stuff I had in the original post about the three different confirms people should be using with him and which members of the cast they work on so that this thread can have some on-topic info in it.


String 1

Deadpool’s most basic attack string that works on the whole cast on hit or block is
c.:l: s.:m: c.:h:
on hit, do :s:
on block, you have options.
You can do :d: :df: :f: +:m: :m: or :d: :df: :f: +:l: :l: . If you choose pineapple surprise and it hits, you can combo with a dash :s:.

String 2

This is a slight variation on string 1 that a lot of people do.
c.:l: c.:m: c.:h:

There is a problem with this string. On hit, the c.:h: whiffs on Arthur, Firebrand, Modok, Rocket Raccoon, Tron, and Wolverine.

String 3

A more advanced attack string that works on the whole cast on hit but only half the cast on block is:
c.:l: c.:m: s.:h:

on hit, :d: :db: :b: +:m:
on block you can do the same things as with string 1

If string 3 works on your opponent you should use it since it confirms into a higher damage combo.

This string works on:
Captain America, Chun-Li, Dante, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Ghost Rider, Haggar, Hulk, Iron Fist, Iron Man, MODOK, Nemesis, Phoenix Wright, Sentinel, She-Hulk, Spencer, Strider, Super Skrull, Taskmaster, Thor, Tron, Vergil, Viewtiful Joe, and Wesker

It doesn’t work on block on the following characters (the s.H whiffs, leaving a gap where Deadpool can be hit/thrown):
Akuma, Amaterasu, Arthur, C. Viper, Chris, Deadpool, Felicia, Firebrand, Frank West, Hawkeye, Hsien-Ko, Jill, Magneto, Morrigan, Nova, Phoenix, Rocket Raccoon, Ryu, Shuma-Gorath, Spider-Man, Storm, Trish, Wolverine, X-23, and Zero


i don’t know why, but for some reason, c.H doesn’t always whiff; guessing it’s spacing related.


I’ve been doing st.L, cr.M. st.H lately…Does anyone else use that?


Even though it’s not a true string, it’s my iconic mixup so i have to put it out there. Would you consider jab x3 to madwheel as another string? It works too well to be disregarded, and it’s fairly safe, especially when combined with a low-hit or lockdown assist.


Yeah I noticed that as well. Same deal for the s.H after a c.M. On some characters, Ryu for instance, it sometimes connects on block. On other characters (I know it works on zero) the s.H whiffs mid screen but not in the corner.

Kindafresh, I’ve used that string. Didn’t include it since I figured most people start with a c.L since it doesn’t whiff on anyone. It has the same problems with s.H whiffing after c.M. It would be worth running through the cast again to see who can crouch under s.L and make it whiff. I didn’t think to do it.


Wedge you could always call assist, fire L guns to get them to block (when they’re blocking they can’t hit your assist) then teleport in under cover of the assist. On your team it would work with plasma beam or vajra. Something to think about since it’s safe.

Jab a bunch then overhead is good, I was focusing more on true blockstrings that could be hitconfirmed so I didn’t mention it.


My basic mixup is usually calling strider with L guns and teleporting in. This solves the grabbing issue unless i’m mistaken, because i’ve never been punished for that with grabs or anything else for that matter.
Idk if you wanna include this but on some characters around wesker’s height and taller you can do rising j.M > j.S at apex of the jump > falling L/M guns into a full combo

with minor scaling. You wind

up +6 on block from falling guns and +12 on hit. There are actually a lot of safe blockstrings out of falling guns if you time them properly.


About the cr.LMH string: the cr.M, done early in the combo, causes enough hitstun for the opponent to get lifted up quite a bit, then come back down. cr.LMH works on the entire cast if done at max range, or just with a small gap between the M and H.

The cr.LM, st.H, H-QW is definitely the optimal combo starter, but I find it much easier to confirm into S, sj.H, bolo, and go into a QW loop from there.

For optimal damage and easy hitconfirm, you can use cr.LM, st.H, H-QW, backwards teleport as your blockstring. If blocked, it’s safe, if it hits, confirm into st.H, M-QW. Obviously, you use up a teleport when you do this, so I don’t recommend it.

j.MS, L-guns is an instant overhead combo on Sent.

jab 3x, overhead is a terrible string, because with 3 jabs, it’s easy to pushblock a jab. The overhead whiff, and you’ll be at disadvantage, maybe even punished. The best way to start pressure solo is a single jab, which is hard if not impossible to pushblock on reaction, then walk forward, and either throw, overhead, or cr.L.

If it’s important to you, the overhead is nigh unreactable online, as is multiple jabs, so LLL, overhead is great online. One of those bad habits you’ll pick up on the internet that won’t apply well irl.


jaytoo, I’m not sure I believe you about c.L c.M c.H working on the entire cast. Did you try it on the characters I listed it not working on? When I was testing it I tried spacing out my c.M c.H but couldn’t get it to connect. I had problems with that string on Arthur, Firebrand, Modok, Rocket Raccoon, Tron, and Wolverine.

I know for a fact that you’re wrong about c.L c.M s.H xx Quick Work H xx backwards teleport being a safe blockstring. If the s.H connects on block, which is only guaranteed against half of the cast (while crouch blocking), there is a gap between s.H and the active frames of quick work where deadpool can be hit or thrown. Changing the H Quick Work to M Quick Work makes the string pretty safe. The only thing that could punish it would be something like a frame perfect snapback from Ghost Rider to hit you as you reappear from the teleport.

You’re right about 3 jabs into overhead being easy to pushblock. I sometimes see it work, I suspect for the same reason c.L c.M s.H xx Quick Work H xx backwards teleport works on block, because people don’t know the matchup. The other things you suggested, L then throw, overhead or c.L are all better. Another good option is an L followed by a slightly staggered c.L to create a bit of a frametrap.


Cr.lmh CAN work on the entire cast, but you have do it really fast and it depends on the spacing. I’ve seen it work on wolverine, but most of the time it’ll whiff. So it’s better to be and hit confirm and do st.h on hit.

Cr.L, cr.M, st.H xx Quick Work is a bad idea for a blockstring. All the person has to do is realize they’re not in blockstring and throw out an l. If you have certain assists you can do Cr.L, cr. M, Cr. H +Assist xx Quick work L, on hit or block. If they block it the assist will keep you safe allowing for mix-ups, and on hit the assist will allow you to combo.


You’re right dren, different timing does work on some, though.


On block I do s.H, c.H + Unibeam xx L Quick Work which is safe on block because of Unibeam’s blockstun, moves Deadpool really far forward, and you can frame trap them.


Ive been using Deadpool for a few weeks now in the lab and in casuals and these work for me mind you im using Deadpool/Ammy. I use st.L cr.M st.H as a string and if the st.H is blocked I’ll call assist the same time I press st.H and ninja gift shuriken to safety. Or I’ll stagger string st.L and try and catch them trying to push block cr.M skip it hit st.H+assist as a ghetto frame trap from there quickwork teleport to safety or continue the mix up or convert the combo. St.L cr.M and st.H are real good convertible anti airs personally I don’t use cr.H in strings I use it to slide under projectiles and cr.L isn’t as good as st.L IMO I like to annoy people and cr.L doesn’t harass as much


Yes it is you bastard lol. So ironic that I come here for help and see this post from you.

So after checking youtube and seeing an online FT 5 of you, I think I’m almost certain that I just played you online and this setup of yours really annoyed me.

At what point can someone get out of Deadpool’s blockstrings ? You ( I think) kept using this string while calling drones, teleporting and then firing guns. Apparently that allows you to cancel the guns safely into a teleport AGAIN and basically repeat the string over and over. That low move of his kept being mixed in as well.

Hell when is Deadpool punishable at all outside of doing something stupid like raw launcher?