Deadpool Critique



Hi everyone, I’m trying to level up my Deadpool because he’s pretty mediocre at the moment. My friend recorded some casual sets yesterday, and this is more or less the only footage of me playing Ultimate right now so I figure I’d take advantage of it. My team is Deadpool/Iron Man/Sentinel.


I have a bnb that does good damage but I struggle at opening the opponent up, and kind of fall into the same gameplan of always throwing grenades, teleporting and going for overhead behind the cover of drones. My team is kind of unorthodox but hopefully people will be able to give me Deadpool advice since he is on point every game.

Thanks everyone!


You play Deadpool as if he was low on ammo or something, haha. Here are a few pointers:

[]Be more content to zone with Deadpool. You have a perfect full-screen DHC with all 3 characters, you should be hawking for Happy Birthdays.
]Aggressive tactics with teleporting is dandy online and at lower levels of play, but the day you face a good Magneto, Taskmaster, Doom, Spencer, or whatnot, their better normals will convert to 100%, and you want to be as far from them as possible.
[]On that same note, Deadpool has the best zoning in the game, rivaled only by Morrigan/Missiles. Think of your guns as an extension of your normals.
]For example in your case, if Ryu has no meter, he HAS to super-jump to get to you if you’re being backed up by drones. If he does, either mix him up on the way down or do an H Quickwork to get to the other side of the screen.
[]Always teleport with a reason, you only have 2. If you are teleporting, you have to have a prediction of the enemy’s movement at the time. Is he holding upback? Can you throw him? Can you convert into a combo if you hit him jumping? A teleport is not worth a simple blockstring into grenades.
]Deadpool’s best mix-ups come from after a BnB ends with Air Happy Happy Trigger. To get that BnB you have to capitalize on your opponents mistakes.
[]After Air Happy Happy Trigger (usually near the corner), do a meaty L guns + Iron Man Beam xx Teleport. All mix-ups being here, so practice this on a bot rolling forward and back. Lows, highs, overheads, throws, or another cross-up teleport.
]If an opponent is caught grounded and blocking Sentinel drones, by God if he is not crossed up with a teleport mix-up by the end of it you are doing it wrong.
[*]Use your double-jump/wall-jump a lot more. You could have escaped a lot of bad situations in your matches (namely vs. Felicia) had you used both of these tools, instead of opting to downback and eat the mix-up. Deadpool is an “off-the-wall” character, and you should be using him as such. If good Magneto’s and Viper’s can beautifully tri-jump, why can’t a Deadpool have fluid double/wall-jump movements?
The hardest thing about Deadpool is that there is no one to really copy-paste or look up to. Dormammu players have MastaCJ or F.Champ to give them tons of ideas, yet us Deadpool players have only ourselves. Best of luck at EVO, I opted not to join the tournament so I hope that you do well.


Zone more, jump more, teleport less frequently and with more thought. Stop simply jumping in with j.H/S with drones behind you, you’d be better suited for someone who has an airdash/better normals if you’re doing this. Check out Snighter’s videos when you have the chance, he’s a little less zone-minded than me so you’d probably pick up more stuff from him. Oh, and great Iron Man.


Late response but thanks a lot for all the feedback, a lot of good stuff there and I’ll be applying all of it to my game. I also plan on getting a new PC when i get back from EVO, both for gaming and streaming/recording, so I should be able to record my own matches.

Deadpool is a fun character and this team is a bit…unique, but I’m really trying to make it work at its maximum potential.

I’ll definitely check out Snighter’s gameplay, thanks for the recommendation.


I haven’t watched the videos yet. I wanted to reply because I agree with everything Realpolitix said except doing H Quick Work to get to the other side of the screen when people super jump. H Quick Work should not be used as a movement tool. You should plink dash instead.

Consider the case of when the opponent super jumps. Plink dashing and Quick Work H can move a similar distance at similar speeds. (I believe plink dashing is a little bit faster). However even if plink dashing were a bit slower than Quick Work H it would be better because it preserves all of your options. If you plink dash you are free to catch them in blockstun with L guns as they land then teleport in for a mixup, call an assist, or do whatever. If you move with Quick Work H you will be in recovery from the whiffed Quick Work when they land and you have no options available to you.

Once you train someone that you’ll dash under them and shoot them with L guns as they land the fun really begins. If they try to stay in the air with special moves to avoid being caught in blockstun you can hit them with H guns, try to airthrow them, or simply delay your L guns. If they do land it’ll probably be an empty jump since they’ll want to be free to block the guns they think are coming. This is when you can fake dash under then dash back at them and hit them as they land.

Keeping as many options available to you as you can at all times is crucial in Marvel. If you are using Quick Work H to move under people who super jump you aren’t playing Deadpool correctly. Likewise if you are jumping and shooting guns on the way up. Deadpool is SO FREE after he’s shot his guns in the air. He can’t block or alter his trajectory. You want to finish shooting just as he lands. Akuma has a similar issue. If you ever fight a demon flip fireball happy Akuma just dash under the fireball and murder him before he lands. He can’t block. Magnetos that throw Magnetic Blasts out are the same as well.


lol at your buddy getting mad about dropped inputs.

Here is some stuff to think about:


[*] Keep your jump + guns inputs clean. You need to avoid accidental super jump + guns.

[*] When you are losing the fullscreen zoning battle super jump straight up after they throw a fireball or something and fire L guns on your way down. It’s a great angle and it will either hit people who are trying to outzone you or put them in blockstun for a second so you can start walljumping or something and get around their crap that way.

[*] I never want to see you do pineapple surprise again.

[*] RE: my last post about commitment to moves, the ninja gifts are really dumb to throw out raw against people that can zone you. Deadpool is vulnerable on his entire way back down from throwing them. You got hit by shinku hadoukens and disruptor assist because you were throwing out ninja gifts, mostly grenades. Guns are faced with a similar problem (being vulnerable on the way down) but at least they’re more likely to trade. You want to use your movement, prediction of your opponent’s movement, and your assists combined with Deadpool’s good gun angles to make sure your zoning will connect so that it will be safe. Pretty much every single time you used the grenade you could’ve replaced it with jump L guns, super jump L guns, or nothing and been better off.

[*] Vary your mixups during drones. Your friend called you out on always doing the overhead and right after that you hit him with the tick throw which was nice. tick overhead, tick throw, staggered c.L’s, regular blockstring into teleporting behind them. If you were going for tick throws or staggered c.Ls (possibly ending with an overhead) you would have blown your buddy up since he was expecting just overheads.

[*] Your default followup to M or L guns should be to teleport in. It’s a full combo on hit and a mixup on block. Imo this is the best use of teleports because it keeps them in blockstun and therefore keeps you in control of the match. You have options for opening them up when you’re up close, especially when you have assists backing you up.

[*] When you’re shooting up guns at someone you will only hit them with two consecutive up guns before they fall too low to get hit again. Don’t commit to a third up guns. Wait and see if they’ll fly, fall, or whatever and do something based off of that.

[*] When drones hit and you are full screen away you can hit with raw Quick Work H and do a full combo.

[*] Don’t fuck with Ryu when he is over top of you. Air Tatsu and j.S are really good. Dash away from him or cross under and shoot his ass.

[*] Heard you complain about not being able to convert off of guns super XFC teleport to try to continue the happy birthday. The way to do that is hit S after the teleport. It works I promise. I stole it from Chris G.


I liked your use of slide. Deadpool’s slide is godlike when you read an upback or have it covered with an assist.

Unibeam might be a better assist for you. When Deadpool is fullscreen he could beat just about any zoning w/ Unibeam backing him up. This would force people to superjump and then you can call drones, dash all around, and do a ton of dumb shit to them.

Your Sent is pretty garbage you could do a lot better with him if you:


[*] practiced some basic combos with him

[*] learn his throw range so you know when to throw or try for a tick or command grab. (Hint: his throw range is really bad)

[*] learn to use j.M air to air (can be option select confirmed into full combo)

[*] cancel his normals into flight

[*] space with jump back j.H (can be fly canceled into another j.H to confirm or canceled into rocket punch)

[*] learn some of his grimey incoming setups. Meaty j.S then dash through AG to airthrow, dash under s.M, dash under j.M, fly like you’re gonna hit the meaty j.S then hit with a crossup j.S. Sent may not have much but at least he has some bullshit on the way in that can keep momentum in his favor.


That’s just some stuff off the top of my head and my Sent is pretty bad. Sent has a really big commitment problem. That is, he really has to commit to a lot of his moves and they can leave him in a really bad spot. Another one of his big problems is he has a tough time getting close enough that he can bully people with his huge air normals. He’s much more of a stand in one spot and guard it while hoping people run into his bullcrap kind of character.

W/ Iron man your buddy is so free to Repulsar. You know you can not cancel to spread then combo out of repulsar with c.M, s.H, right?


Hopefully I’ll be able to get some matches recorded tomorrow, its been awhile since I posted this thread and my Deadpool has gotten a lot better. I’m also running a new team of Haggar/Deadpool/Iron Man. This is the favorite/best team I’ve ran and I will be sticking to it.




This is nearly 50 minutes of footage since my buddy did not split the footage. This is a FT10 against my friend who plays Viper/Vergil/Strider. He’s a lot better than me, and admittedly I did pretty bad in these games in terms of execution drops and input goofs (dropped Iron Man combos, got random CrossOver counters and random supers with Haggar). But I think I played the best with Deadpool. I’m not longer playing Sentinel and this is going to be my team from now on.

I don’t expect anyone to watch all of it, but if you guys could watch ten minutes or so and give feedback I’d appreciate it.


You might do better with DP/Mayor than Mayor/DP. However, putting DP on point you don’t get good AA options with your team. Haggar might be a better point in that regard since pipe is the best. Haggar just doesn’t get a lot out of Quick Work assist. It’s kind of a shitty neutral game assist. DP can be hit out of it really easily and it doesn’t cover that much space. You might be better off using Katanarama for easier combo extension.

You should always be calling an assist when you jump back M guns from midscreen because a lot of characters can dash under you and punish (Wolverine can even go fast enough to get behind you before you land, and that’s from way further away than you’d think). Jump back, call Haggar, M guns is really safe from getting punished by rushdown.

With your point Haggar why don’t you call Unibeam then superjump pipe? It’s what Bum does with Chris’s machine gun assist.

You have the right idea with a lot of your Deadpool stuff you just dropped or mistimed a lot of things. You really have to tighten up your timing for guns xx teleport. Drops, missed hitconfirms, and instances where you didn’t quite know what to do and panic super/xfactored were big problems for you across all of your characters. It took six or seven matches before I saw you land your whole Haggar combo without dropping it.


Thanks for the critique.

The one thing I disagree with is Quick Work being a bad assist for Haggar.I think its a fantastic assist as it extends combos, makes for high/low hard to block stuff, and lets him combo off any type of air or ground throw and all of his SPDs. It also resets your ground bounce in certain situations. That is a lot of utility I started running this team after someone I saw someone who plays Haggar/Deadpool/Doom play it.

I start Deadpool against zoning heavy teams, lariat is a decent AA and Deadpool has a beam assist backing him up.

Other than that I agree, thanks for the feedback. There is a lot of stuff I’m not utilizing here. I think this team is good despite Iron Man being a pretty bad character.


I saw you drop a combo because Quick Work came out at a funky distance and you couldn’t adjust. I don’t think I ever saw you hit with a pipe + quick work unblockable. If you did, I definitely didn’t see you convert off of one. More often than not Quick Work would end up just shy of making contact with Viper. At worst it’s not doing much for you, can cause you to drop a combo and could easily get Deadpool killed. Katanarama is easier to reset the ground bounce with and you’ll never drop a combo because of problems with its spacing/timing.

I use Quick Work too I just think it mostly sucks. It’s DP’s best assist by far but… it sucks. You might be able to get more mileage out of it on your unblockables if you do dash + call quick work, then jump + pipe. Dash + assist makes the assist come out a lot further forward.


I’ve made a lot of adjustments in my gameplay. I’m utilizing Quick Work as a neutral assist a lot more for Haggar and when I have Deadpool Unibeam is a really good assist for him, I have an incoming character mixup with Deadpool where I cross under the opponent with either L or M Quick Work to make it ambiguous while calling Unibeam.


Whoa, your Deadpool has gotten a lot better since I’ve last seen, your gun use is on point!

My critique is more of a suggestion, but if you can’t kill a character with a single Deadpool combo (+DHC), you should look into ending your combos in the corner with a teleport xx Air HHT. If you can do so, you’ll be able to do meaty gun set-ups + beam assist xx teleport, into a really sick mix-up game.


Thanks man! Yeah I really started utilizing guns more after you told me. I take what people say and apply it to my game, which is why I made this thread. Its good both you and Dren have noticed improvement.

I’ll start using Unibeam more…its such a good assist for Deadpool, and anyone really. Iron Man is a pretty shitty anchor though (I’d still rather play him anchor than Sentinel).


Finally getting around to this now that I have some time.
Like the others said, you’ve definitely improved by leaps and bounds. And you’re using some pretty solid deadpool combos that maximize damage off of REGULAR hit confirms, such as s.:l: or c.:l:, or guns to teleport. I think to step your game up, you need to start working on hit confirming off of some weirder stuff. That’s a note for most Deadpool players in general actually. If you hit somebody with falling guns, you can put them in enough hitstun to combo off of it. If you hit somebody with a pineapple surprise and are within a few wavedash lengths of them, you can combo off of the explosion. And you have to start getting people who like to airdash or whiff moves in the air with bolos. Combos that start with a weird confirm such as grenades and bolos do some crazy damage.

Perhaps some more madwheel usage as well? It’s just such a good move that every Deadpool needs to use more of.

And finally, you might want to pick up a fourth character to use in certain matchups. Haggar is pretty good, but only if you have the proper assists to back him up. He can hold his own, but when it comes down to it, quick work and unibeam aren’t going to be haggar’s best assist choices. You’re definitely proving that haggar/deadpool have some potential to work, but my only question is: is it worth it when there are other pairings that work better and easier? Especially when you’re already taking a risk with anchor iron man.


In matchups against zoning heavy teams, I start Deadpool.

A team I’ve considered using is Deadpool/Iron Man/Strider. So basically your team but with Iron Man instead of Doom. However before I try that I think I may just start starting Deadpool in matchups where Haggar is at a disadvantage. Against my friends MODOK/Dormammu/Doom, I always start Deadpool and then go into Haggar through TACs when MODOK is dead. As far as Iron Man goes, I like the character a lot, but I’m well aware he’s not very good. He’ll always be the weakest link on the team. However I really do think Unibeam and Quick Work are great assist for Haggar. Unibeam softens people up and clears the screen really well. The trouble is I wasn’t utilizing either very well in that video. My Haggar neutral game is also not that great, but its something I am working on.

Thanks for the feedback!

edit: I will add a few things though. One, in this footage I never actually land hits/combos to DO any THCs…Deadpool and Iron Man are great THC partners for Haggar, as in addition to inflicting massive damage, their team supers hold the opponent in place allowing for L Hoodlum, Wild Swing followups for even more damage and another hard knockdown unscaled by hitstun after the THC is over. I can basically kill most characters with 2 two bars off a pipe hit, and a Haggar bnb with two assist extensions does over 1.1 million damage with two bars before another L Hoodlum, Wild Swing. Unibeam scaling the combo at the beginning if I hit the opponent with it doesn’t matter too much because the THC always adds enough damage to kill them.

I think this team is good. I based it off a fellow Haggar/Deadpool user Steeler. The advantage I have over his team (he plays Haggar/Deadpool/Doom) is that Iron Man’s super does much, much more damage than Doom’s in the THC, and I think Unibeam as an assist extension at the end of combos increases damage more than Plasma Beam. The disadvantage is Iron Man is a much worse character/anchor than Doom. I do think this team has potential though so I’m going to stick to it. (major props too Steeler for all the help he gave me with this team!)

I’ve improved even more since that footage, hopefully the next time I get recorded footage you guys can see some of the synergy I’m talking about.


I agree with you about the falling L guns hitconfirm. That’s something Deadpool players should use more. It’s a little bit situational and it scales combos badly but in the right situation it stuffs AA attempts and opens people up. Plus, the animation looks really cool if you get Deadpool to shoot behind himself. Raw bolo is kinda the same as L guns. If you throw it out once in a while with the right spacing it’s pretty safe and it helps keep people honest. It’s great against tridash/boxdash characters. You just wall jump and bolo.

I haven’t messed with pineapple surprise as a combo starter in a long time. I know you can confirm a raw pineapple surprise at the right spacing with a Quick Work. Back when I messed with it I was bad at wave/plink dashing. Can Deadpool dash up S to follow up pineapple surprise? Furthermore, does c.L c.M c.H xx pineapple surprise combo? If so can Deadpool dash up S to continue it? I almost feel like that can’t possibly work because it’s a safe blockstring and it’s so obvious… if it worked everyone would be doing it. I will lab it tonight, I’ve never tried it because I gave up on c.L c.M c.H blockstrings a long time ago since ending them in S is such a bad idea.


You can dash up S after a pineapple surprise. I do it all the time when people don’t block the end of my string.


Hey Guys I wanted to get some Deadpool Critique as well. This link is a FT5 I did last night.

My set starts about 2:44:00


Alright I guess I should probably respond to this since you use one of my teams.
-After guns to teleport, STOP DOING RAW MADWHEEL! It’s got like 25 frames of startup, man. Go for a c.L or s.L, THEN either do a combo or frame trap them into an overhead if you really must hit an overhead on them.
-You do too many grounded guns. The normal pattern to use is falling j.QCF+M, call vajra, QCF+L, and then sometimes teleport in for a mixup afterwards. You need to create a camping flow for yourself, but be ready to change it up if the opponent catches on.
-Make more use of the Doom beam. Go for crossunders with QCB+M and Doom beam on incoming opponents. If you time it well enough, even YOU won’t know what side they should block on. Which makes it even harder for them to decide.
-Learn the Doom TAC combos. I just started doing it myself. It really helps kill those characters that you’re having some issues finishing off in one combo if you can build 3 meters.
-DON’T just let your teleports explode like i’ve seen you do. Calling doom beam, then doing L guns into explosion is kinda-sorta safe, and I’m even guilty of it sometimes, but I’d really advise against it. Save it for a combo extender.
-When you xfactor, if you have orbs, just buffer orbs if they’re far enough away. Generally when strider comes in, i try to do j.QCF+M/H to get over the opponent to the other side of the screen, then xfactor cancel it and do orbs ASAP. Call more animals during xfactor, too. You recover before they do and can set up some nasty mixups.
-Incoming mixup with Doom/Strider: Get right in the corner up against it and call strider so he falls on them right when they come in. Repeatedly tridash up against the wall and try to cross under them right before vajra hits, and you get a free combo. If they start to catch on to it, just make it look as if you’re crossing under, and instead just stay on the same side. It’s a pretty nifty 50-50.
-Learn your combos, you drop far too much.
-Pretty much any time you call strider as doom and the opponent is airborne, start tridashing like a mother-trucker. If you can cross under them or fake cross under them, you’ll mess with their blocking and get a combo off of the vajra.

Now here’s the part where I tell you what you’re doing right:
-You manage your xfactor way better than I ever have. I suck at saving it for strider and pop it with wade or doom all the time to finish people off. You’re quite content to save it all for strider. That’s good, never change that.
-You definitely know the basics and logistics of this team. You might not have all the combos and techniques down 100%, but they’re present and I can see the beginnings of some very solid gameplay in motion.
-Your teleport usage with strider is good, and you aren’t an idiot like me that just spams vajra and hopes people are too stupid to punish it LOL.

Nice work, I hope to see some video of you improving some time soon.