Deadpool game made by High Moon Studios

I will be at work when this gets revealed. I spotted it on Gaf and since I know there’s a good chunk of Deadpool fans here, I decided you guys may want to keep an eye on it as well.

Gaf thread


They did transformers justice so I trust them.

I hope they know how important having a good writer is, Deadpool is random and crazy but shouldn’t be cheesey and retarded.

And they need Nolan North to voice him like he usually does, to hell with Reynolds.

And there was much rejoicing.

That’s cool, High Moon makes some surprisingly decent games.
Darkwatch, War For Cybertron…even Bourne Conspiracy was okay, for a movie game anyways.

About time!

I am rock hard in anticipation…

Please not be ass, please not be ass.

If it’s DMC or Bayonetta + Deadpool I will literally drown the world in my cum.


Since it’s High Moon I’ll expect decent at worst out of this game. Please get Joe Kelly to write this game

and if Taskmaster is a Playable character and the game features online co-op i’ll have erection up until this game releases.


I can’t see this game being fun for more than a handful of playthroughs, and that’s being nice. I do have faith in high moon, however, so we shall see how this goes :slight_smile:

yeah, no, not because they’re both in MVC3.

those two are rivals and bros.

Stupid site is getting hammered and I can’t get in >:|

Also, this is one of my favorite Deadpool and Tasky issues:

He also kicked ass with Agent-X

Edit: I’m in. Looks like this is going to be M rated. Joy!


Website isnt loading. :sad:

Link for trailer.

Well I’m sold. SU&TMM

Not exactly what I had in mind… but it looks like it could be fun, as long as it’s not all scripted shit… i need gameplay bro. I only saw a few seconds of real gameplay in that trailer…

The comedy doesn’t appear to be shit and is pretty DeadPool.

I don’t like the way the graphics look so far but this game is clearly a ways away from being released so they’ll probably look a lot more polished.