Deadpool Mixups/Setups

Hey guys, just picked up Deadpool and I love him, but can’t figure out any setups/mixups with him, and scavenged through the stickied threads and didn’t find much.

Besides gunshot xx teleport what are you guys doing to catch the opponent off guard (with or without assists)? Any Incoming setups?

you can actually use Quick Work xx Teleport to trick your opponent because they prob don’t know that you can recover from the move. I have a Cap/Iron Man/Deadpool team where I use the beam assist, then quick work with deadpool, then teleport behind my opponent to mix them up. You can’t wait too long, though, to use your teleport during quick work, or else you won’t be able to do it.

One thing that i’ve recently discovered is that if your opponent is being aggressive, you can try and hit them with a bolo when they charge at you and then quick work or katana-rama them into a combo of your own. You can also try and get in close to grab them or do your overhead cart wheel move to mix them up if they keep blocking low, then proceed to OTG them into a combo from that.

Hope this helps somewhat. I’m a little more aggressive with my deadpool than other players, so it may not necessarily be the best advice. But this is what I do for mix-ups.

Awesome I found the only other dude on the planet that uses Iron Man and Deadpool. We’ll have to compare notes sometime. I know about the Unibeam + QuickWork thing and also that calling Unibeam before Teleport Malfuction OTG xx air HHT pins the opponent in place, gets you all the hits and increases damage.

Yeah i saw your post in another deadpool thread a few weeks ago and was surprised that someone else knew that strat. I thought I came up with a sneaky way to get in that no one else knew, haha.

I’ve never tried to get anyone into a Teleport Malfunction OTG xx air HHT with Unibeam assist before. I’ll have to try it sometime =D.

The only thing is, my main team is Cap/Ammy/Deadpool. I really only use the deadpool/iron man team if i’m losing a lot with my main team. One thing I have discovered, however, from playing with my Cap/Iron Man/Deadpool team, is that the coverage and lock-down created by Iron Man’s unibeam assist and Deadpool’s gunshots combined is quite a force to be reckoned with. I just love being able to cover multiple angles at the same time.

What teams do you have the most trouble with, you’d say?

Be careful with Quick Work xx teleport behind for mixup. It’s a free throw during teleport recovery. If you play someone new to the matchup they’ll get hit by it every time but don’t depend on it.

Bolo is one of the reasons that Deadpool/Doom is 10-0 for Deadpool. All of Doom’s forward movement is in the air. You harass him with guns and the second he tries to move forward you bolo his dumb ass. You can do similar stuff to people who boxdash w/ wall jump followed by bolo. It makes Tron, Spencer, and Nova think twice.

What’re some incoming mixups a deadpool can pull off with cold star. Right I just anti air katanarama+cold star and go from there. It’s not a bad option but its all I have I’m all for slimy inconing shenanigans but I’m having some trouble