Deadpool Movie Thread

Movie is set for a Feb 2016 release

I searched for a deadpool movie thread nothing came up, only the Wolverine Orgins thread

So for those interested, leaked copy of the script just hit the net

Get it whilst you can

Ninja Edit: 5 minutes in and we already have a stereotype

anyone read it?

I read all of it and I have to say that I’m pretty content with it. Most of it has already been Hollywoodized, ie: flashbacks, love interest, sex scene, action scenes that don’t make sense.

I think it sticks to the source material pretty well and even pokes fun at the Deadpool in X-men Origins: Wolverine.


[details=Spoiler]But… Isn’t Vanessa supposed to be Copycat? Err, whatever. I’ll let that slide, Hollywood. Although it should have ended with Deadpool x Rosie O Donnel IMO in true DP fashion.
Also, I REALLY liked the addition of Colossus.
Oh, and fuck the ending. Typical Hollywood bullshit.[/details]

The humor was kind of campy though. Some of the jokes aren’t really relevant today but I some might pass. XD VIOLENCE IS SO FUNNY! is kind of aimed at the right crowd though, I guess as well as the LOL SO RANDOM. Some of the the one liners in the movie were written in true DP fashion but some just make no sense, such as the random cussing, which brings me to another point. I don’t think Hollywood would let this movie slide with an R rating, so I would expect the language to be toned down. I would be OK with this since a lot of seems to just be tossed right in there.

I’ll be honest; I imagined Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, but I don’t prefer his voice. We will just have to live our lives knowing that DP will never have his true intended voice: like Demi Moore and gravel mixed with gasoline.

It will still be pretty fun no matter how it turns out.

Thanks, I’m about to read it now. Hopefully I can go through the whole thing while imagining DP with his MvC3 voice.

Thanks for your review Anakron, I’m going to read the rest over the weekend

Wow, I guess SRK hates reading.

Alternate link

lmao, I’m not actually going to read it, got so much stuff to do so I’m going to use speech software to read it too me :razz:

If it helps anyone, and if you think you hate books, the script format is much easier to read.

…This is a rough draft right?

Thanks for the link! Just read the script.

That…was…AWESOME!!! It has everything. Nice collection of action scenes, touching “awww” moments, cheesey comic-ness, Love-interest plot shoved in that does not suck, comedic elements, colossus was cool, etc.

If the finished flick turns out at least 65% as good as that was, we’ll have another big marvel hit, and one that completely fixes the abortion that was “origins”.

I’m hoping it was mostly finalized stuff, because that was box office gold.

I’m certainly looking forward to this. Ryan Reynolds was under utilized in Origins.


Can anyone help me find it?

Can anyone help me find the script or email it to me? I found out about it like two days too late and have been searching for it for months now. my email is if you can email me it

Thanks to anyone who can email me it

How does it fix the things that happened in Origins?

I highly doubt Ryan Reynolds will play the role even if the movie goes ahead. He can’t play two different superheroes in 2 separate movies, by 2 separate movie studios. I just can’t see that working. It’s shame because this movie has so much potential, Green Lantern looks like a turd.

he’s already been in Blade, played Deadpool already, and will possibly play every member of JLA

Hmm, same actor portraying 2 different superheroes in 2 separate movies and 2 separate movie studios?

Already happened. Human Torch (FF movies were by 20th Century Fox) and Captain America (Marvel Studios) are both played by Chris Evans. It’s even more awkward because these are supposedly two characters within the same universe. At least Lantern and Deadpool are separate properties. Avengers and FF have teamed up a bunch of times.


Both those movies were long time ago, and they arent going to be making more blade or fantastic 4 movies.

They are making more FF movies.


God help us all