Deadpool Movie Thread


My brother!
I quit at like Cable/Deadpool #3 when they were fighting those blue men, I think it was? haha

I started up again when DP restarted with Way.
I just excited to collect him again, picked up every variant I could. But through half of it, it’s almost like I forced myself to enjoy it because it was the hero of my youth.

I stopped collecting comics a few years ago, I think I have a bag from the comic store I haven’t even bag&boarded yet. I’ll have to see what it contains when I get home tonight haha


I stopped buying comics like 15+ years ago, I torrented some for a bit, been trying to give them what I owe via the hardback collections of like Planet Hulk & world War Hulk, but they want too much. DP is another one, I torrented Deadpool & Cable.

But I wont’ say stopped collecting. I’m trying to get my grubby mits on every single comic that has Death’s Head, Death’s Head II, Death Metal, Death Wreck, Die-Cut (think I have all those now), and Dark Angel. MArvel UK 4tw.

I’ve since given away everything else including my old DP comics - just from all the moving I did during and after college (once a year heh).

That reminds me, I need to find a place where I cna get frames for comics for cheap…I got a house now so I can fnally put up my DH2 collection…

Back to DP though, Cable/Deadpool had its moment, I’m not even shitting on DP ‘after that’, I just stopped following and what folks were saying about it, just didn’t interest me enough. I’m glad he’s getting shine now - I’ve always said he’s a more tragic Wolverine - Wolverine gets all the ‘anti-hero’ love, but DP’s origin is way more tragic (stage 4 cancer with the solution being healing himself up so much that he goes crazy due to dying brain cells?). Like though funny and silly - you still wanted to cheer for DP when he was dealing with stuff because of what he was dealing with.

And Dat 4th Wall Fuckery…

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Guys… if you think that CGI was good, then we really don’t have anything to talk about. No offense at all intended.

Just as a quick, rough example, compare just the Deadpool model to how Rocket and Groot turned out in GotG. That’s good CGI.

Like I said, the Deadpool teaser isn’t even a teaser, it’s a proof of concept for movie/studio execs.

If you’re talking something which is 90% dialogue, you’re correct. In this instance, you’re not. An equivalent live action concept containing the same action beats, would have a ridiculous budget.


haha Shit, hearing DH, Die-Cut, Dark Angel… Reminded me the Marvel Series 4 set! Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/127a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/128a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/129a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/130a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/131a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/132a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/133a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/134a.jpg&sizex=200 Universe 1993 [Marvel- Impel] Card Set/135a.jpg&sizex=200

But like you, I do agree. He is definitely tragic. And I hope the movie isn’t just 4th wall fuckery and terrible jokes.



I used to collect those. Almost had the entire set.


Ya me too. Then when I got older, I bought the whole set off ebay haha


I had ALL the Marvel UK cards for that set gives Bro-hug I had them in the binder and everything, I think I had like 2 or 3 complete pictures from that series, that was the one I worked on heh. threw them out when I went off to college though :sad:

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Shit man, is there anything you didn’t throw out before college? Sounds like you got rid of your life.


we were talking about a short 8 min video not a full fledged movie.


And that’s because Yost is superior to Way.
I enjoyed the new X-Force for a while. Really liked Crain’s art. And his name sounds like a Spider-Man villain.



If anyone is curious, test footage was made by blur studios.


So am I. That’s why all the shorts that Marvel releases are rarely heavy on action. They’re mostly all dialogue.


if you are…then you’re wrong. ive had alot of friends work on their own projects,similar in concept for test footage for studios, a 8 min short to show investors and such has no need to be 3x the budget of that 3d animation. its a well done project from a really well known studio. there is absolutly no real gurentee a live action version as a test would be that expensive.


I had like one big sit down literally teh day or day before college, I went through all my ‘childish things’ and tossed them, all my old action figures, 90% of my comic collection as I knew they wouldn’t be worth anything - though I kept the important ones, I through away all my atheltic cards as I knew they weren’t going to amount to much, I through out my Nintendo as I had been running it and SNES on emulation anyways, just cleaned shop. I’m not too mad at myself, though I wish I kept a few more of my comics.

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Cable better be here




thats fucking hilarious

for those who don’t know, Tom Rothman was the asshole who kept Sentinels out of X-Men movies because he thought giant robots were dumb. He was also the genius who gave us Galactus Cloud.


Some info hit the web this week

Good News

Movie is set for 2016 release

Bad News

PG-13 -

Fingers crossed for the R-rated Bluray, but not a bullshit R-rated version like The Wolverine.


pg13 deadpool can eat bags of diccs