Deadpool Movie Thread


Seriously, guys…they’ve gotten away with some seriously fucked-up shit in just pg movies. I’ve seen shit in pg13 movies that make me wonder just how many 13 year olds out there are mentally fucked. That’s too young for blood spray, dismemberments and decaps IMO, but hey, it seems pg13 is the new R, from just what I’ve seen in the last 13 years. The only thing pg13 doesn’t seem to allow is graphic sex and rape. Then again, I’m an 80’s child. I’ve watched standards slide farther and farther as I’ve aged, and I say to you, pg13 won’t really hurt this movie’s content unless a rape was a central part of the plot.


pg-13? goodbye dick jokes…its only redeemable if deadpool makes some reference with disney buying out marvel as the reason for it


Whoops…forgot about the Disney buyout…mainly because the comics remain unaffected. Well, the director’s cut dvd ought to be good, right?


Are the Hellboy comics violent? I know they’re Dark Horse. I liked those movies.


You can get away with alot in PG-13 these days. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, long as the script doesn’t suck I think we’re good to go


Years later and Deadpool is still wack as fuck.


Script writer Rhett Reese says the film’s movie rating is yet to be decided


So yeah…this is really going to happen.


Alright Reynolds, this is finally your shot at redemption. The project you’ve been fighting to greenlight and headline for years. Now go and kill it.


^ Ryan Reynolds is fucking awesome in everything he is in.

PG-13 isn’t a death sentence. Guardians of the Galaxy was PG-13, and had swearing, killing, sexual innuendo’s, and more.

Just means that Deadpool can’t put a severed head on the end of his sword, like in the trailer, at least without some camera tricks. And it means less blood when he gets all stabby stabby.


killing off Deadpool in the comics, too…


lol hadn’t thought about it like that but yeh it seems obvious Marvel killing off these characters is to not give Fox free advertising.


Which is completely irrelevant xD


…the fact the movie is set to start shooting, and Marvel kills off the character, a la Wolverine and the Fantastic Four, is irrelevant…?


Decades of stories for fox to pull from

Most audiences only have watched the movies or cartoons not have read the comics.

Yes casual fan>hardcore fan

In terms of herding consumers




The last two X-Men movies easily demonstrate Fox’s willingness to stretch the rating, but it will still have to be good too. But really who knows at this point.


Okay with this…


*Gina Carano has closed a deal to join Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, Fox’s action movie based on the wisecracking mercenary Marvel character.

Carano will play a character known as Angel Dust. It is unclear how she fits into the proceedings but in the Marvel comics, the character was part of an underground mutant group known as the Morlocks.

T.J. Miller is set to bring comedic relief to the movie in an undisclosed role. And, fanboy alert: the Russian X-Men character known as Colossus is slated to appear in the movie.*


Apparently they aren’t going to bother with doing an origins story