Deadpool Movie Thread


Deadpool 2 Final Trailer

Terry Crews is Bedlam and Shatterstar confirmed



is that the same peter like the one from SFV? lol


Deadpool makes peace with Beckham…


Ryan Reynolds playing the Deadpool video game


Part 2:


Stop whatever the fuck yawl are doing and go see this movie NOW, film of the year if not 2 years. The cinema was jammed packed last night the audience were either choking or crying with laughter/shock constantly. Comicbook nerds dream come true and a cameo you will wish you wore your white pants for.


is that so?


Haven’t laughed this hard at the movies in a long time.


I nearly cried from laughing so hard.
Loved the commentary “must have been designed by someone who can’t draw feet”.
Loved the shout-out to the Mojoverse.
I’d read the commentary wondering who the missing person in the trailers was: on the helicopter and during the parachute jump the trailer has somebody edited out so you can only see their seat buckles and chute. The reveal was gold.

edit: Two bonus scenes in the credits, and at the very end of the credits they play a gag song.


Zazzie was so hot.

The timestone is the best infinity stone


Biggest laughs in the movie at my theater.

X-Force vs. Wind

Deadpool’s basic instinct

So many Marvel shouts/jokes

Juggernaut’s themesong.


I saw Deadpool 2 earlier today.

I liked it, but imo it was a step down from the first.


Humor for the most part.

Action sequences. (David Leitch’s John Wick skills prepared him for the action in this.)

Brolin and Zazie as Cable/Domino in acting/dialogue/character.

Colossus vs a classic X-men character in the final battle (The way this person is defeated was the most funny and unexpected to me.)

IMO the best end credit scene of all time


Lack of setup /background info on Cable. We saw some glimpses, but I wish they would have gone in more detail about his future setting (I know his backstory is convoluted, but they could have given some more details considering he is the 2nd main character) (Domino too)

Negasonic was underused in this film. I feel her biting head to head with DP was one of the best things about the original

They tried to make DP and Russell/Rusty have an emotional connection but it didnt grab me .

The first hour seems a bit “loose” and could have been more tightly edited/paced.

DP 1 had a straightforward “Revenge” story and flowed better.

Lack of a true villain. I knew Cable would be the “anatagonist” initially and then team up with DP , but the character who dies at the end was not developed well.

I would have rewritten it to have a character from the prison and who Colossus fights as the main villains .They were both X-men and DP villains so I thought they would be used more prominently.

A group of characters is used essentially for a bad joke. Some of them arent classic, but they deserved better than what happened in the movie. Especially since it was their first appearance in an x-men movie.

Overall: A good movie but I think they should tone down the meta/joke stuff and work a little more on the story/plot more.

Deadpool 2 7.5/10

Deadpool 8.5/10


Out to lunch right now before seeing Deadpool 2 I’m excited


I wonder how many shatterstar fans are out there exactly and if they are pissed right now.

Deadpool= 10/10. Did pretty much everything perfect.

Deadpool 2= An 8 or 9 out of 10. A great sequel!


The one thing I took away from Deadpool 2 is that Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead has excellent taste in women. Yukio is a hotty.

Oh the movie was good too. I guess. Original was better.


it sure as shit wasnt.


I enjoyed DP2.

Frankly the only thing I could see being held against DP2 is that the original is a well done origin story so if you prefer those that is the way to go and secondly the original Deadpool has more focused action sequences. The second has some great sequences and arguably better set pieces for most of its characters but the first movie is more focused on the violence and cathartic beat downs Deadpool gives folk. DP 2 stuff can be a blink or you will miss it outside of a few sequences, at least those involving DP in costume.

Personally I lean toward the second being the better film but it builds well on the first and its humor is based very much on modern super hero pop culture so no telling how this will translate 3 years from now ie certain episodes of long running popular television that are themed based. But at the moment it works, especially with the ending credits and those seemingly retconning a few things in the movie and outside of it that fans probably had issues with.


DP 2 was fine. My only gripe was that X-Force as a group “concept” was a throwaway than anything else. Shatterstar fan btw


Definitely better than the original.
Bigger budget = More interesting and unique scenes

Deadpool 1 was basically his house, the lab and the shipyard.