Deadpool Movie Thread



I saw this interview with Deadpool cast. I thought you’d be a fan of the Domino part of the interview.


That theme song is such a goldmine.



Just saw it again for the 3rd time last night! Such an awesome movie and badass sequel! :grin:

In fact, the score’s changing! No more 9/10, Deadpool 2 is a 10/10 movie just like the first one!! It wouldn’t say it’s better though, they’re both great in different ways.

Dc Hollywood maybe needs to stop worrying so much about copying the MCU, and take a page or two from Fox’s X-Men Universe instead. Because Deadpool 2 utterly curbstomps everything they’ve put out thus far, including Wonder Woman. Out of Fox’s last 4 X-Men universe flicks, only “Apocalypse” could be seen as disappointing. Otherwise, Logan and both Deadpool movies knocked it out of the park. The DCEU only Wishes they had that kinda track record.


Hit me in the feels with that Golden Girls theme…


Still sad to me that after a Superman movie, a Batman v Superman movie, and a Justice League movie, Wonder Woman is the best thing the DCEU has put out thus far. And it’s not even like it’s strong either. The ONLY Marvel movies Wonder Woman can even compete with are Fant4stic and Apocalypse. Just sad.


Great movie, having recently watched the original again I thought DP2 surpassed it in every way, the larger budget was used well. I was hoping with the John Wick guy we’d get more gun fu but it appears there’s been a lot left on the cutting room floor.

Hoping to see it again in a couple of weeks.

I lost it when Wade was in the bar and one of the random Merc extras tries to drop some philosophy on him but forgets the full saying. Wade has to finish the saying for him and ends with “No more lines for you” whilst shaking his head. It’s wall breaking like this I love :rofl:


Just saw it and lol at that james bond opening. Also the trailer betrayed me.

Basic instinct scene will never be the same again.

Best ending ever. Specially the juggernaut song.

Actress who played domino is hot. Gave me a boner.


Wade has always had a thing for Bea Arthur in the comics.


Good. Yukio is mai waifu :3


They will get another shot with x-force

I mean essentially





finally watched it today, it was pretty dope and I didn’t expect Juggernaut being in this


They’ve done both Colossus and Juggernaut correctly with how they should be portrayed on-screen. God bless Ryan Reynolds and Co.

Fuck Fox LOLOL




Once upon a Deadpool…


I may see it just for Ryan and Fred interaction…


…for the children.

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