Deadpool: The fanfilm


I think it was executed superbly. Only thing that kind of bugs me is Deadpool’s voice. Sure, it sounds like the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Deadpool, but I would’ve wanted the Deadpool voice as it’s described in the comics. You know, gravely Demi Moore voice. Other than that, it’s just too awesome. Enjoy and discuss.

The movie has. no. budget. For a movie that has no budget, it was done really well. Also, read the old issues. Al describes his voice as gasoline and gravel.

i must say, it wasn’t bad at all. for a movie with no budget.

Really cute thanks for sharing!



Oh snap they remembered his Shoryuken! :rofl:

I wish they would do a Deadpool movie. But if they did, the crypticism of his origin would overshadow the hilarity that would undoubtedly ensue.

HA did a SRKer help make that movie because most of the fight scenes you hear T5 music and DP pulls the SRK!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: Brilliant!!!:clap: I agree his voice should of sounded more like from a cartoon!!!

Very funny…good stuff…

Shoryuken!!! Lmao

lol i love deadpool!

:slight_smile: !!!

that was great lol but i got the issue where he srk’d jubilee to get wolverine to fight with him :rofl:

Actually that was Kitty…(Shadow Cat)

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