Deadpool tips or advice?



Hi, I’m no newb here using deadpool or anything but I would really like to improve him with my current team Deadpool/Nova/Doom. I am currently using Nova on point since there’s a nice unblockable setup when air dashing j.H with Nova while DP’s quick work assist comes into play :). I do have a video of a FT10 from a live streaming lobby. I used DP on point there and there was slight lag. I’d say I played fine but there were a couple things that made me raise my eyebrow haha. I also have a problem with being under pressure and probably the cause of that is over thinking haha. My Nova is OK but not horrible.

Some dumb mistakes and I feel like I have a couple of bad habits going on there with deadpool. I mean I do randomly catch people slippin’ with the L. guns and teleport behind them but sometimes if not most of the times I get either grabbed or just punished from people that I guess play against deadpools a lot. My Doom is straight up trash IMO and I’m really considering on replacing him with someone else but I don’t know who since I have a good combo with DP and hidden missiles. It does relatively good damage too but I feel like 2 bars is a bit too much to waste on characters that don’t die from that combo.

I do try my best to zone out the other players by using the hidden missiles assist and j.M guns then randomly plink dashing or teleporting behind or in front of them, but it just doesn’t do that much justice. I’ve seen people like Wedge use the beam assist with DP but I just can’t see much combos to confirm off of a beam. I mean there are possibilities that I could think of like quick work etc.

I’m thinking of switching up my team to Nova/Dante/Deadpool. I really like those three characters and would love to use DP on point but it’s awkward to have either Dante or Nova as anchor.

Any help would be great :smiley: I’m really looking forward to improving my DP and my team.

Sorry if this seems like I’m whining or anything :confused:


If you want to replace doom I’d suggest maybe hawkeye or strider. Strider would help the team a ton.
You need a horizontal control beam/projectile for Nova to do really well. Or Strider covers that for him sometimes even though you can be more gimmicky.
I’d Suggest switching to Nova Shield assist too

Nova/Deadpool/Dante in any order isn’t that good. Simply because nova doesn’t mesh well with either of the 2 THAT well. Only 2 work together and not all 3 at once.
I’d probably replace Nova on this team as dante gives deadpool more than nova does and vice versa.

In terms of how you play I can tell you do seem to overthink a bit or you feel like you always need to be doing something.
This is actually very common problem for people because the nature of marvel. Just take the time to think about what you’re going to do and not just do something for the sake of needing to fill the screen or attack.
You get your assist calls caught a lot so you should work on when to call them and protecting them.
J.M>J.H as an air normal you want to throw out for wade.
Also I’d suggest looking at my combo list in the combo or other sections. Alway want to get the maximum damage you can get :]


Thanks a lot man! So should I replace doom and nova? I mean nova is fun and all but I have way too many bad habits with him. I could try to learn Hawkeye since he’s actually a really good anchor. I like the dp/dante/Hawkeye team actually but I just wouldn’t really know how to get in with that.

I know how to play with Dante but my neutral game sucks with him. And I choke a lot with him. Hit confirming with him is my main problem along with zoning. It takes practice sure but damb its frustrating :(. I’ll do some mission mode with Hawkeye to get the feel for him and then learn some basic bnbs.


You can replace them both if you want. Nova/Dp/Strider works ok and has an unscale and various other things.

Dante takes a lot of time and getting in with Deadpool/Dante + Hawkeye is actually pretty easy you can play patient and advance under the use of Triple arrow or you can bounce around with assist and guns.


Yeah I’m actually gonna try both strider and Hawkeye to see which one I would prefer with Dante and deadpool. I always knew those two were good together but my Dante is just trash. I have some combos but getting in with him is my main weakness. Also online play makes me even more nervous with Dante and everything in general just cuz of the random lag spikes.


Oh and you’re saying to use j.M and j.H guns as an air normal? I see some people use the j.H guns which is a bit odd haha but I’ll use it to see how it goes. I took like a 2 week break from marvel and just got back into it last night.


I mean just Jump M normal over J.H normal. It has a better hitbox both in front and behind.
J. H Guns is a good choice for people you think will go in the air as it will poke them out of any air movement before doing something.


Ah I see. Thanks a lot man :slight_smile: I’ll definitely have all of this in mind when playing DP/Dante/Hawkeye. I played earlier with that team and I suck horribly haha. Mainly with hawkeye since he’s a new character for me and I just in general suck with Dante but I’m mainly practicing zoning with Dante and not so much combos. In the lab I don’t really know what to practice. I guess I’ll just work on hit confirming and zoning along with some incoming mixups. If I come up with any xD


If you want to learn how to play the team I’d suggest watching Dual Kevin. He’s pretty good.


I’ve actually played against him once and he gave me quite the fight lol. I used to live in NY but recently moved to CT like 2 months ago almost 3. I did go to nextlevel here and there since I’m not much of an online player but use online for experience and to lose a lot. I played Dual Kevin when he was “Kevin X” haha.