Deadspace on LS-32-01?

During the past 6 months or so, I migrated from the JLF to the LS-32-01. I love the LS-32 in almost every way… except one: the loose feeling the stick has in the neutral position.

At first, I thought I had a defective joystick, but after acquiring a second, realized it was the design. Is there a mod to solve this problem that doesn’t involve something cheap like adding tape to the actuator?

As a follow-up, if I’m a sucker for shorter throw, is their another stick worth pursuing that feels tighter in the neutral position?

Have you tried interchanging LS-40 parts with the LS-32? Also from what people say, if you want an even shorter throw from an LS-32 you might want to play with an LS-56 instead.

I believe the term you’re looking for is a short “engage” distance. The throw is how far it is from neutral to the gate. Engage is the distance between center to any direction. I don’t find the engage distance of the LS-32 to be annoying, the only thing about the 32 that ever bothered me was its mean habit of jumping the gate when it was pressed too firmly into any corner.

I’m sure there’s something you can do to make the engage distance shorter, so hopefully someone will give a good answer.

You might be an LS-36 candidate.

The higher pivot of the ls-40, which will give the stick a rounder feel around a square gate.

Or just try the LS-40 by itself, feels similar to the LS-32 but the leaf switches to me don’t feel as smooth. Also the LS-40 has no pivot jump issues, but this can be corrected (or mostly fixed) on the LS-32 with a 10mm copper crush washer.

If you like octogates then nothing compares to the LS-56 w/ octogate. However depending on the case you’re using your options might be limited.

What about just finding a way to make the actuator bigger to eliminate the play in the neutral position?

You could try some heat shrink tubing or electric tape or something.

I wonder if anyone had tried the heatshrink on an LS32. I guess I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve tried adjusting the actuator, it remedies the problem somewhat but what you get is almost no engage buffer whatsoever. Any slight movement of the stick will engage one of the microswitches.

How hard is heatshrink to work with? Do you need a heat gun for it or is there a cheaper way? Also, how much does a heat gun cost?

You can use a lighter or a hair dryer, but i’d advise against heat shrinks do to the rubbery feeling they’re gonna give rubbing on the leafswitches.

Thank you funky. I’ve got 3 LS-32s, so I might try to mod one with electrical tape to see how it feels.