Deal with longer normals than mine


Hi Guys,

I can’t play footsies with Nash ( I’m a Ryu player ) , I get hit with his forward hk and crouching mk everytime I step a little bit forward and try to poke .
Same thing with player with longer pokes than mine.
I know I could make a step backward and hado poking,

but I want to get closer and begin my pressure from shorter distance.



hado poking is a alright answer if he isnt really using v skill but then you have to watch it
the other thing you can do is use you lights more
if you can figure out the rhythm/frequency that he uses them then stick out your faster normals preemptively like crouching light standing medium and other faster normals to beat out the startup of those moves
one could imagine that at some point the nash unless they are infiltration is going to get predictable and sloppy

you can at times jump in as those normals have bad ending lag and close the distance that way
nash has to be prepared to anti air consistently as without meter he is susceptible to jump ins though watch out for crouching medium punch
that option should be used sparingly as its a hard read and if you use it and he scouts out the jump you relinquish pressure and momentum to him.

probably someone else can give more insight but the biggest thing to do is play patient
this is a match up where its hard for ether of you to consistently force your game on each other


Thanks, I really appreciate it


as you said, take a step back and whiffpunish with hados or sweep / whatever.

If you can do that often enough, so that your opponents gets aware of “everytime I throw something out I eat damage”. You can start dashing in once in a while, because he’ll get nervous about sticking out buttons.

But reactionary whiffpunishing is really hard, if not impossible in this game, you should either try to preemptively use buttons with a lot of active frames on them or “force” buttons from your opponent.

Find out at what point he presses which button, for example you walk into range, immediately walk back and>hado
If he pressed you’ll stuff his button and can dash up behind that hado. If he didnt you whiffed a button just outside of his range, not too bad/ punishable


I see, this will help me a lot.