Dealing akuma players that play cheap strategies

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i’m trying to cool mysekf down , i thought i could stay in the arcade and have fun and relax for a while , until i meet this guy who abuse the shit …

now i am like ->
i’m trying to search away to reduce my stressness

ok what this akuma player did was … kinda tricky …
he’s a regular

but why would a regular player abuse air-hadou all the time ?

all he do was jumping back-wards repetedly , keeping me away far distance …

when i jump , he either air-hadou me , which can be parried easily , adding more fire power , which is worse …air-hadou cancelled into a super …

sometime , when i try to air-to-air , being overconfident , and too close . he owned me with a air-hurricane instead …

that’s what he mostly do abusing air-hadou and jump-in hurricane …

all he do is just jumping backwards and air-hadou consistantly and later he also use air-hurricane and intercept …

how to make him immobalize ?? and i use alex … though this kind of match is risky …

don’t laugh because i use sa3 or sa2 , but sa3 mostly .

so what should i stop or what should i do …

i mostly use alex’s air-forward for air-to-air …

you need to stay cool and patient. Those type of players usually aren’t very fearful, but they’re are extremely annoying. If you get pissed at him it’s over.
Just wait patiently, stay mostly on the ground, and move using you dashes properly…
if the opponents sees that you advance slowly and you don’t get hit, chances are that he’ll screw up instead

with alex, learn to charge partition the EX headstomp, it can be very helpful
if you see a pattern, try also to anticipate his jump with an (EX) air knee smash (DP+K move)

well it seem logical , a game of patients .
i just got that advice from srwilson …

anyway i’ve been playing like a dog-catcher …
but the more i chase without setting up a plan , i lose …
i rushed too much …

What character are you using? If the person just uses air fireball all day, you can do some pretty nasty (read: “beautiful”) things with characters like Urien and Yun. Start building your meter, and if that doesn’t get them to start coming at you, then you can start walking up to them, parrying the air fireball, and countering with a ground fireball that will force them to block, and give you ample opportunity to get close. If, on the other hand, you’re using someone like Dudley or one of the shotos, you can still do something similar. With Dudley, just use ducking uppercuts to start juggles (or, if you’re precise in your mgb usage, use those to set up easier, and probably more damaging combos), or simply use it so you can cancel into super.

It’s pretty easy to fight that kind of tactic if you can stick to the ground and learn to control the space early on by dominating the ground. Obviously, if this guy’s running away the whole time, he probably has no intention of rushing you. But if/when he does, it’ll probably be in your favor, since such an action will probably a desperate one, if not, an ill-timed one. Oh, and, of course, keep your cool, 'cause the match could drag on for a long time. But better to be winning slowly than losing quickly because of impatience.

Pick Makoto SA2. Dash under Akuma and Karakusa. You win.

pick remy and crouching fierce that shit.

try denjin ryu, cancel any connected dp to an uncharged dinjin, with akuma’s crap-ass stun meter this will usually get you alot of free stuns.

well if your alex I say you should sit back and charge meter. If your using SA 2 just charge your ass off for awhile get a crap ton of EX’s now carefully walk foward parry any airfireballs that come your way and then when He is least expecting it use the EX dashing elbow to go under one of his fireballs the thing is so fast he won’t see it coming and now you have knocked him down(and since he has been jumping back throwing fireballs like a dumbass he is in the corner too). So now this is where the real game starts, depending on how your opponent plays you can do some really good stuff. if you think he is going to try a wakeup throw do cr. lk, wait a sec and then half-circle back fierce. This is a really good tick throw that if you time it right easily stuff grabs. If you opponent like to wakeup dp or some other move, jump straight up parry come down with (I think it’s jumping fierce not sure you should check to make sure) which should combo into cls.(close)Fr.(medium kick) which combos into super or flash chop or flash chop xx super art 2. And since it’s akuma he just took a fat chunk of damage. After this you have him cornered and knocked down again and you can play more wakeup games. I wouldn’t really suggest SA III it’s hard to land even on a jump happy akuma. So definetly make sure to use and abuse his ex dash chop it’s fast enough that if you time it right you should fly under those fireballs and hit him. Then just stay on him so he doesn’t run away and DON’T JUMP AT HIM walking is better and safer.

So yeah this is kind of long but hopefully it helps, if anyone disagrees please feel free to correct I don’t play much alex but I play against alot of them.

hahaha don’t tell me you live in vancouver… i have a friend who plays exactly like that. random flying hurricane kicks + fierce shoryuken! he knows very little about the mechanics of the game and he’s parrying is pretty much limited to 1 hit.

he is very talented in reading people’s mind tho, that i must admit.

a lot of good players have problems playing him too, but i play him too much so here’s how i deal with him :

-empty vertical jumps (this will trigger scrubs to do a lot of stupid shit)

-dash-in after a knockdown and just block out of throw distance (they don’t know how to kara-throw)

-parry the first hit of their 3-hit fireballs then block the rest, let them think you’ll parry all three so they dash in to throw or trip you

-scrubby akuma’s general pattern. red fireball > air hurricane > shoryuken! > jump back and air fireball

My tips:

Meatys OWN those wakeup DP’s. :smiley:

Parry the shit out of them. It scares them. :smiley: Seriously. All Akuma scrubs become really worried when they see you parry red fireball ->air fireball/sweep. :smiley:

Block if you can’t parry it. Of course, don’t take unnecessary damage from parrying too much. If it’s an off day, don’t parry all the hits. And don’t be stupid & try to parry something you can’t normally parry. ie. fireballXXSA1.

When they have 2 bars, expect an SGS. shrug They love it.

Get them into the corner. All shoto scrubs seem to panic when they reach the corner. DP’s come out like mad.

If what KabukiMono says is true, then if you’re using SA3, you can cancel the charging elbow into SA3. Say goodbye to 3/4 of Akuma’s life.

And nanitaberu- every arcade has at least 1 Akuma scrub. :smiley: Mine just has… many. FAR too many.

The dash elbow thing won’t work for two reasons one is more than likely he will be hitting akuma in the air with the dash elbow so even if he cancels it, it won’t combo into super because you can’t juggle with grabs.

Secondly I mean EX dash elbow and with super art 3 that doesn’t work cause it’s one bar. I am pretty sure you could get past the air fireball with a regular dash but the EX is so fast it’s pretty much guaranteed ifyou can time it well. It’s like makoto’s ex dash punch. That shit’s so fast it’s almost unblockable.

some incident …

when ROUND start …

this akuma player tend to …

move-back-wards or dash-backwards

sudden ground Hurricane

or fireball XX sa1 which give me a slap on my elbow-slash

i should practice more low-parry , i got sick of air-hadou which later a sweep is coming up quickly , which failed to block it , because it hits me at the middle of the parry animation …

when it comes to wake up , when it is close he ten to do over heads such as f.strong or UOH , when it was further he use c.forward instead of a demon flip …

my only way of using sa3 … is on wake-ups or akuma’s wake-up attacks …

i also did stungun on him when akuma was doing air-fireball animation which is close and quite close to my alex , and hit !

is very rare to counter a shoto-sweep , they rarely use it …
if i note that fast , he could eat my stungun without guarding it 1st …

I meant the moves he does when he is waking up not when you are waking up. You should just walk and block those. If you have meter and see random hurricane coming try and EX stomp. if you don’t it depends on the strength he is using but if it’s a fierce you should be able to just block the whole thing and either command grab him or regular throw him. On the light one you have to just block and if he does another one immediately after the first light one you can then counter it when he lands with a throw. Or learn to parry the last few hits and the counter that shit when he lands with Fierce FlashChop XX SA3. That last part is going to need to be done pretty fast since he recovers quickly from the hurricane. I still would suggest switching to SA2 though 3 is shitty and you don’t get many options to land it.

You’re using the wrong super art. Use SA2. I’m not going to give you tips with SA3 because you will need to learn SA2 eventually.

EX elbow dash counters Akuma’s blocked low HK and gives knockdown.

WALK, do not dash forwards. Trade air fireball with your Twd HP.

Don’t jump unless you’re 100% sure he’ll do an air fireball. Then either block it, and counter with an EX dash when he lands, or if you don’t have meter, do a quick superjump HK, with will arc over the angle of the fireball and hit him.

Stop using jump MK as an air attack, use jump HK or HP.

You can crouch his ground Hurricane well, do a dwn LP after to stop him, or block if he does DP.

Meaty his wakeup DP with a stand HP, it will trade, but do heavy stun on him.

Don’t dash forwards, walk forwards.

Use Twd HP as early anti-air, it’s hard to parry, great range.

Punish early air fireballs with Dwn HP, it will trade for you.

Punish blocked ground fireballs with dwn MP

Poke with down MP to pressure and gain ground.

Remember 3-4 hits from Alex to Akuma = stun = win

Go for the stun trade.

Do some LP flash chops (full screen away) to fake out pressure.

If you do a blocked combo ending with LP flash chop, immediately follow up with EX Flash chop. Most ppl retaliate at first, and you win, or trade in your favor.

Use your range advantage of Twd HP and Jump HK, I cannot stress that enough. Jump straight up and hit him with the tip of your feet with jump HK, even if he parries, it’s low damage counter for him (stand MP, I don’t think dwn MK into SA1 reaches)

Most ppl in Singapore don’t know Alex’s HP is an overhead, use it.

Alex has too many pressure tactics when the opponent is down, so know your character, but dwn LK meaty, into Kara-throw is very good.

Crossover stomp, or blocked combo - Jump HK, dwn LP, into HK or MK Stomp: crossover knockdown game. They must parry correctly. If they block correctly, throw out a down LP.

In case you haven’t noticed, Alex is my best character, and I have this fight often enough.

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my Dudley pwns EndLeSS8’s Alex :lol:.

you can punish ground Hadoukens with EX Elbow too.

if you manage to jump in on Akuma and he blocks your fierce, wait a split second then jab Powerbomb him. Japanese Alex players (particularly KSK) tick into jab Powerbomb from various jump ins, fierce included.

we still need more matches bro! btw, can we meet up at someones house for some DC 3S? JZ is good and all, but free play = teh win. And now that you’re used to DC Dudley, I think it’s fair.

The pace of the match is dictated by Akuma. Unless you are better than the Akuma player (which could be true, but either way this still not an easy match nevertheless) the fight will be long.

Don’t get cornered. Akuma has really ugly LP air hado / Demon Flip throw corner traps. Alex is tall, so that trap is easy for him, and hard for you to get out of. Mix that up with his Stand HP and HK, and ground hurricanes, you’re going to have trouble getting out. Corner him, don’t be cornered.

When cornered, Alex’s hard attacks are useless. LP is your best friend because it comes out quick. That’s about it though.

Although easier said than done (surprisingly my brother catches it on me often, I guess I get read…) try to hit Akuma with EX dash elbow when he is ON THE WAY UP to do air fireball. An easy way to do this is: Beginning of 2nd round, he jumps back, you edge forward a bit, whiff 2-4 standing MP’s to fake charge meter (I assume you have SOME meter right now) so he will jump back again, but throw out an EX dash elbow to catch him on the way up. It’s tricky, but it can be done, because ppl assume that they are safe.