Dealing with a natural


I’ve been playing fighting games since Vanilla SF2. I have owned basically all of the big name titles out there. 2D, 3D, you name it. I have never played competitively, but I’ve always had a decent understanding of the fundamentals.

Around when SSF4 was about to come out, a friend of mine dabbled in SF4 a bit, but was definitely in need of help. I took him under my wing and showed him the ropes. SSF4 comes out, he finds a character he truly enjoys playing with(Dudley), and proceeds to submerge himself in the online community. Fast foward to today… I can barely touch the guy. We’ve always had an online rivalry up to now, and we get a local fight night in like once a month. I realize part of this is due to just knowing habits, but most of it is… he’s just flat out above my skill level now.

So, I have to ask… what do I do? It’s not much fun playing a friend who consistently beats the crap out of you. The crazy improvement over a short period makes it pretty damn frustrating. As much as I love playing, I can barely stomach playing him for long periods anymore. I try to improve, but he always seems to be a step ahead no matter what. How do you deal?


Counterpick him.


Also, do work. Figure out a situation where you lose, and try to find a counter. Do this a lot. Also pay attention to where really good players decide to stand in the matchup, especially more defensive types like Daigo and Justin. They stand at those ranges for a reason. Start standing there and try to find the reason they do that.


you’re clearly thinking too much about winning. Also lab time doesn’t help beat him if you have no clue why you lose. keep playing the matches to learn what hes punishing/abusing and fix your problems. If u have that mindset then even losing consistently can be fun.


While its not quite the same thing, as in the real world I still suck at street fighter, but I’ve always been a lot better than all my friends, because all they do is mash with no plan or knowledge of what they’re doing, where as I at least know the moves and the basics - if I play my main I destroy them, its no fun for them and isn’t much fun for me, so I just hit random select, or get them to pick my character, generally they’ll do better and occassionally will luck out a win.

If you want to play to beat him, then you’ll have to lose to him and hopefully figure out what you’re doing wrong, if you’re playing for fun, get him to change his character about so you can have a better chance of doing well - nobody enjoys losing all the time after all =p


I don’t know what your matches look like, but let’s be honest SSF4 didn’t come out yesterday. If he really got into it back then we’re talking years of experience at this point. A decent understanding of the fundamentals won’t really cut it anymore.

So. You have a few options:

a) quit
b) decide you don’t want to really involve yourself with FGs and just take the sessions a bit of teeth-nashingly annoying fun
c) dive right in and really get into the meat of the game. Having a person next to you whose good enough to tell you what you’re doing wrong will definitely speed up the process.


beat the crap out of him at SF2!


TBH, I have friends like this in SF4. But I also realized that I don’t enjoy SF4 enough to really put the time and effort in to learning the game to the lengths that they have. I can beat them here and there, but because they generally put more time and effort into the game (I’m more of a Third Strike player) than I do, they win more.

Either put in the time, find other people to play, or quit.


You could talk to your friend. If he’s not having fun crushing you either, you could find a different game and play that.

This is assuming you’re not prepared/able to put in the effort to match his skill (which is perfectly fine, imo).


Super SFIV came out like four years ago so if he really submerged himself to get better like you said then that’s way more than enough time to get better than you if you don’t really take the game seriously, if you want to get better than him then you just have to put in the hours playing seriously like he did.


This. ^