Dealing with a slump?

I f’n suck right now.

I played some matches last night at home, and the past few days in the arcade, and I am just totally off my game. I’m losing matches I honestly should be winning, and taking stupid damage. For example, last night - I was playing against a Ryu player. He jumped at me - usually, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t work against the jump-in at that timing and distance. And despite knowing that, I throw out an attack I know will get stuffed - it gets stuffed, and I eat damage for it. This happened like three times in the match.

I can just feel that my head isn’t into it right now. Factor in that I use a very strategy-dependant character (Chun), and it leads to me taking some hard losses.

So, how do you guys deal with periods of bad play/slumping? Any stories or tips you’d like to share?

I think I’m going to take a small break from the game. When it was in the arcades I only played once a week - I’ve been playing steadily everyday since it came out. Maybe I’m burned out?

I’m going to some tournaments next month, so I hope I can get over this soon…

Honestly, slumps are natural. You are not a robot. You are a human being. It happens.

What I tend to do is laugh it off. It allows me to think of my mistakes in a light hearted way and contrast it with my real, serious perfomance.

I hope that made sense.

I hit a slump so bad a little over a week ago that I let someone borrow my PS3 for the week.
Over a 3 day period I lost about 500 BP to people most of whom were not better than me. I think I went on losing significant losing streaks every day.

My problem is I tend to try to play through slumps and I stop playing everyday about a half hour after I should have stopped, even though I know I play better when I just stop playing for a while.

This happend to me a week or so ago. I stopped playing after awhile then I played like my old self.

When I get into a slump I either attempt to play though it and fail miserably or just take a few days off and either kick back or play something else.

I use to be a really big Arena nut in WOW and you have to know when your mind says it’s time to stop. When that clicks or you think it’s your last game make it your last game.

Azrael, I know exactly what you mean, I’ve been playing daily since console retail and was fortunate enough to experience this in the arcade last fall. I felt this rut earlier in the month.

I just caught up on some single player gaming to numb the brain with a vacation from something so mentally taxing. Since you have a PS3 surely there is something you can use to turn off your brain and still occupy some free time… :wonder:

Now that I think of it, slumps are pretty natural to me, and I usually come back to the game more focused after a short break.

I seriously just pick Sagat and feel all better inside.

I wish I was joking.

Dude, I’m sorry to hear that. Of all the Chun board regulars, you’re one of the dudes with his shit together the best. But I think this is something that’s universal to all games–you gotta stop for a little while, clean out your head a little bit, and jump back in fresh and renewed. Maybe just take a day or two.

I’m feeling the Chun blues, too. I love her, but being in a slump sucks with how hard she gets punished. Especially playing online and having input lag muck up a change of block or mistime a twitch counter… Using her online with lag, god, you make one mistake and you’re in a pressure situation that you can’t get out of without getting psychic. I need to hook up with whatever local scene I got and leave the tubes behind me :frowning:

I was really really sick last week, to the point where i felt to weak and dizzy to play SF4 at all. I kept losing (i went from 3k to 2k BP in a few hours) so i just put my stick away and didnt play until i was starting to feel better. I spent time watching videos of other abel players and going on SRK and just thinking about SF a bunch. I spent more time thinking about SF4 than i spent playing it.

Just take a break until friday or so, from playing at least.

Think about Chun’s moveset, think about your bad MUs, watch some videos of people that are better than you (or even people that may be equal/worse than you, as long as they have a different playstyle). Spend some time just playing mental SF and allow yourself to really let all the info about the game sink in. - I spent a ton of time when i was sick just thinking about some of Abel’s common combos that i don’t do often, like cr.hp xx lp wheelkick, and that sort of thing. I spent time talking on SRK and asking myself how to improve my worst MUs (like abel vs gief, abel vs blanka, etc.) - And i think i honestly was better at the game when i got back into playing it. When i got over my flu, i felt a new energy about SF4, i wanted to try all the different things that i had been thinking about over the week, and i feel like im progressing even more now.

Everyone reaches a plateau every once and a while. Just put the game away until friday. Watch some TV, play some other non-fighting game, go to a movie, hang out with some people. When friday rolls around you are going to be jumping at the line to play SF4.

I realize that my defense is not on point and as soon as I start making a conscious effort to play better “D” my game usually starts to come back to me.

i either play SO DAMN MUCH that i’d have to be an idiot to not being used to situations that i’ve seen countless times. if i don’t have that kind of time, i’ll jsut drop the game for a week or two.

my problem is that i like to be fancy which often works. so when i take a break, i’ll come back using only the basics and once im comfortable i’ll incorporate the fancy shit again. just a lot more safe

Personally, I’ll just stop playing for a while. If I want to keep playing, I’ll use another character.

If the problem lies with doubt, I learned a great technique from my therapist on how to deal with doubt; acknowledge it when it comes up, and mentally “file” it. Don’t deny it; understand it, “put it away,” and move on.

just stop playing for a while, it really helps.

I think people just don’t know when to STOP playing when they are in a slump. There is a thing such as too much practice.

Take MLB players for example, coaches don’t recommend extra batting cage time to stud hitters not performing well. Instead, they just relax, watch videos of their mechanics, basically doing stuff that improves the game that doesn’t involve playing the game.

Take a break for a few days or just play for fun using other characters… I have a similar story: I discovered a new arcade with hi def cabs, cheap and lots of competition and I played there for like, 4 days in a row and played against some really crazy players way above my level(though i managed to improve and reduce from being trashed to close defeats) and on the next day i entered a beginners tourney and fighting a ryu(a character ive tons of experience with behind sagat) and i acted like its my first time fighting ryu. I made silly mistakes and my reaction was slower than usual. Guess I was burned out from playing too much lol. So i took a few days break, and then went back to the arcades and i think i did better.

breaks are the way to go…sometimes I just play a different game…or watch some TV or something, just to get my mind off of the losses and crap.

Slumps happen. Street Fighter is a dangerous, dangerous game. Not as dangerous as the earlier versions of 2, but dangerous nonetheless. You got 99 seconds MAX to figure a guy out to win a round. That’s not a lot of time. The better players do win, but i’ve beaten people who are WAY better than me, and i’ve had people who play bad and do random ultras or just mix me up to death beat me. it happens.

There’s going to be variance in your wins and losses, that’s normal in this game imo.

I will usually take a break and play again the next day. I don’t stop for days or weeks like some have said.

If I want to keep playing though, I will do player matches as some of the characters I lost to. It helps me remember what to expect when I face them again.

I had a two day period where i lost about 800 bps, just could not win matches… i was so angry with myself and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I took a break for a couple of days and gained 1000 points no problem… even beat a 6500 BP seth player which made me fuzzy on the inside.

I’m the WORST about this. I’ve lost 1000BP in an hour sitting once because I didn’t know when to quit.

Dude, this same shit happens to me when I play against really good opponents then get stuck fighting a low skilled player. It’s like you get use to dealing with great techniques and tricks so when you fight someone that has no rhyme or reason behind what they do it throws you off BIG time. (example: You are barely in poking distance with Rog’s low roundhouse so you throw it out and they DP you. How in the blue fuck were you suppose to know that person would have DPed right then because normally it would be the dumbest thing in the world to throw a DP out at that range)