Dealing with anger


I’ve been having trouble with anger issues towards this game. I don’t take it out on others only on my joystick by beating it to death. I just killed the roundhouse button :(. What are some ways you guys deal with anger after being tormented by your opponent mentally? I don’t want my other EX2 to die a painful death. :rofl:


Keep a set of dumbbells around…try to curl 40 pounds as many times as you can with one with each hand…then collapse and pass and out…

Either that our drill your Hori to a heavy table.


The table would get broke if i did that. I dented in a little canyon over the strong and forward buttons by jabbing it with the ball of my heel. I’d probably just jump off the couch onto the table if the stick was so easy of a target tied up to a table. Like the dumbbell idea but I’ll have to resort to pushups cause I don’t have any dumbells close by.


First you gotta not let people get to you. Eventhough your not lashing out at them your still acting out towards something that isnt worth it. I say if your getting mad take a step back from the game if ya taking too many losses, or your just getting flustered.


If you’re getting enraged by losses in the game, you don’t have a winners mindset in the first place. I’d work on taking the right things from each loss, rather than just trying to win without the lessons.


i deal with it by not being a gay child who gets angry over a video game


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I don’t get mad when I get out-played. I get mad when my moves don’t come out, or if I miss an opportunity to punish. I might shout a little Fuck here and there, but damn, I don’t do anything the OP does. I want to see you on video so I can laugh.



I think I can help a bit more here than most people calling you a baby, skullplayer. Simply put, people who DON’T HAVE TEMPERS do not know what it is like to have a temper. It’s easy for them to say, “Don’t get mad, you baby!” but they really don’t know how tough it is.

I have grown up with a really bad temper my whole life. I think the first game of Checkers I lost to my older brother, I threw the board and all the pieces across the room. All while growing up, I’ve always had the temper and despite being an intelligent, logical person, it’s just not something I’m good at controlling.

The funny thing is that I think the thng that taught me the most about controlling my temper WAS Street Fighter, because, and this will sound cynical, I just got used to losing because I sucked. lol

But even after that, I still get mad these days, ESPECIALLY, like Shinkuu says, when I miss moves or things don’t come out how I wanted it to.

So here’s the part you’re interested in: how do you quell the anger. The best way to do it, honestly, especially if you aren’t Kobe Brayant who plays BETTER when angry, is to stop. Don’t stop playing, but sit down and THINK about it. Accept the fact that your opponent was probably better than you. Accept the fact that the opponent making Blanka jump straight up and down and doing nothing else IS a viable tactic and he’s not lame for using it. Accept that the Honda player sitting there and turtling isn’t making the fight “boring” and that it’s a viable tactic. Accept that Ken Throw Knee Bash looping you to death ISN’T CHEAP. Accept the fact that players better than you would beat those things. Accept the fact that there are ways to get out of Throw Loops and ways to stop a hoppy Blanka and a Turtle Honda.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at its, the temper usually comes from thinking the opponent did something wrong. Or did something cheap. Because then you’re make excuses for yourself, and that allows you to be angry. The trick really does come down to realizing that you lose because you lost and, while you WILL still get angry, you’ll notice it’s a very DIFFERENT kind of angry… one more of disappointment in yourself and frustration in yourself. It’s not the kind that manifests itself is throwing controllers or stomping your joystick. And I will NOT make fun of you for those things. My SNES controller still has teeth marks in it from a Hyper Fighting session with my bro.

The temper is GOOD, uderstand that. The problem is that most people tell you you are a baby and that the temper is bad thing and you should just lose the temper all together. Being a bad tempered person, I know that’s never gonna work nor ever gonna happen, and only makes you more mad that people don’t understand. The temper is a GOOD thing. It means you have the fuel and the fire to get better and that you aren’t satisfied with losing. Just learn to redirect it in different ways and never, ever, get mad that your opponent is doing something you think he shouldn’t. I think that’s one of the biggest keys to learn. There is nothing that your opponent is doing that is unfair or wrong because, frankly, you can do it to. It’s not like he’s a level 70 WoW character picking on your level 15 WoW character. There is nothing he’s doing you can’t do either. So instead of blaming them, accept it and just try to fiure out how to beat it. Or, choose his character and do it to everyone else. And then you’ll suddenyl find out it’s not as easy as it looks, and maybe you’ll accept what they do more.

Basically, allowing yourself to fault the opponent fuels your anger. Once you realize that you are losing because you aren’t as good, that makes you want to get better. And although it’s BAD to learn to “accept” losing, it’s still a step necessary to become a stronger player. Accept that you will lose, just don’t ever become COMPLACENT with losing. That way, you can not only learn to control the temper better, but still have the motivation to keep getting better.

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So what do being gay have anything to do with it? why cant he be a bitch?:wonder:



I get frustrated at myself more than anything else, although lag is a totally different matter. Lag is REALLY annoying.


Man, why would you tell him to do gay ass shit like curls?

OP, buy a squat rack, and if you start to feel the rage, just start squatting.


my brother broke his 360 controller against the wall last night mid match because he kept whiffing moves on it.


everyone gets mad, i beat a top ranked player at SF4 the first time i played against him, he jumped off the stool and started waving his hands in a " that was bs" dismissive manner and walked his ass all the way outside to cooldown, wouldnt talk to anybody on his way out either. i wont mention him by name 'cause he’s probably the coolest top player i’ve ever met, (and i’ve met alot).

ive seen many top players get PISSED off at losing, i’ve seen decent players get there shit pushed in and laugh about it, not at all mad or anything.

i’m probably one of the worst, i can barely contain my anger when i lose. i dont necessarily blame the other player i just get frustrated and that sometimes gets directed towards people i have nothing but respect for. i’m mostly mad at myself for letting whatever happened happen. missing a DP, not blocking the right way etc.

i think differently from others who have posted here, others say that having a hardcore desire to win is a winning mentality… others say that being smmoth and unaffected is the way to go…

i’m of the thought that you should use the one that you dont use in order to learn how to win from a diferent mindstate.

if your smooth you could use reckless abandon in your game. if your reckless you could use some calming down etc.

as far as how to handle anger, the biggest step is to ask yourself if you really want to not be angry. i ask myself this and i get a quick and easy answer of fuck no.

i like to get pissed off, i just dont like taking it out on other people.

if you want to control it better tho… i would suggest simply taking a step back for a second and analyzing what is actually pissing you off, you’ll probably find that your mad at yourself for doing something dumb like falling for some BS over and over again. thats when you realize it’s not your opponent it’s you. and that is a much more comforting revelation as it’s easier to get yourself to do something different (practice, stop sucking, etc.) than it is to teach a noob that they should block when getting up if you’ve been sweeping them all day and they have shitty reversal skills…




The only thing in video games that has ever made me angry is connection problems… and aaaaah do they ever make me angry.


Buy one of those stress toys where you can squeeze it when you’re mad. I heard it helps or find something else to break, not your EX2! Then you’ll be really mad if you can’t play at all.