Dealing with assists thread

This subject tends to be greatly overlooked by people. Dealing with assists that seem to hit/deal more damage to you then the actual point character at times. In general people just tell you to snap them bitches in but it isnt easy to do unless your mags. This thread will hopefully give people a better in depth understanding of how specific troublesome assist works and how to deal with them. If you find that I had put incorrect or unjust information then please by all means correct me. Anyways, name any assist that is burdening you and I or other SRKs users will try our best to help you. Ill start this baby off by talking about an assist that use to give me, still somewhat does from time to time,trouble.

Capcom Anti Air Assist

Mental Factor
This guy can get annoying and annoying real fast ! He can grow on your skin when you keep seeing your point character flying around like a ping pong ball. Sometimes you even dash in and do a ground chain and all of a sudden youre stuffed with a captain corridor. Its the norm to get hit once in awhile by any assist but losing half of your life just by being hit by multiple captain corridors can psyche out even the best of players. After getting hit a couple of times, you start to grow impatient and just try to rush down mindlessly and keep getting hit more and more until you start to doubt in your game plan and abilities in rush down, runaway or keep away(unless you die first =P). The key thing here is not to get discourage, stay really patient and not to change your game plan into placing your bets that the opponent makes an error. Most good players call their assist with purpose and with good coverage. Of course you should always be looking for chances to capitalize on your opponents mistakes but thats just a bonus and you should really just look at trying to get your game going. The mentality I have in a game is, I may be losing bits of life and being slowly drained to death but if I can land my combo then hes in for a lot of hurt. Put yourself in your opponents shoes, he spends 20 seconds chipping at your life, you sneak in one of your damaging combos and in less then 3 seconds youve done more or equal damage to your opponent. Whose going to be more tense now ? Keep your cool and patience and dont worry too much about chipping damage from captain corridors and such.

  • The anti air assist itself *
    Capcom comes out slightly in front of the point characters position when he calls him. So if you call capcom then jump back, capcom will come out at your location before you jumped back. Also, his anti air assist doesnt track you down. So if you and your opponent are on opposite side of the screen, he cant touch you. But the whole point of this thread is how to get past him and to your opponent. You should note, Capcoms AAA is not instant, it takes him awhile to get on screen but once hes on it, the captain corridor comes out fast and immediately covers a whole vertical portion of the screen and he seems to leave pretty quick too since you either get hit or block his corridor and by the time you can retaliate, get out of blockstun, chances are he’s left the building. Unless you are using pixies or capcom completely misses you then he’s pretty much a sitting duck for awhile. But against good players, in most cases they’ll find a way to buy some time for him to leave so keep on reading . . .

How to handle XXX/Capcom Anti-air
Capcom is mainly used for defensive purposes.
If your opponent current point character doesnt have any damaging special moves or supers to protect his assist, then capcom becomes really easy to deal with. All you have to do is stay on the ground and not superjump much. Because if you super jump, they will call capcom, youll get hit or block the hit, by that time capcom will be off the screen almost at the same time you land. What you want to do is punish capcom for not having a good master that can cover him by either calling an assist of your own to hit him while going after the point character. After baiting him out and calling your assist, and while your assist beats up on capcom, your opponent remains unable to call an assist until capcom retrieves so you must make haste of this precious time to pressure your opponent because once youre close, just keep staying in your opponents face since capcom comes out a little bit in front of them. Beware if they pushblock and call capcom coz youll get hit. If you see them pushblocking you then block expecting captain commando.Once captain commando comes out and you block his attack,he should be right beside you, just sitting there waiting to be beat up by your assist once more. Also, if they call capcom, its to try to halt you from coming any closer but now that capcom is in the background being raped by your assist, you can freely penetrate their personal space and they will most likely not be able to handle your rushdown since they counted on capcom to keep you back. You can also directly assault capcom but I find you get a better mental edge if you go for the point since he now realizes he can no longer hide behind capcom.

On the other hand, if youre facing someone who can safely protect capcom or super you if you try to harm him (AHVB,HSF,Hailstorm,etc.), then this becomes an even tougher task. Capcom is still being mainly used for defensive purposes. Having a pixie really helps here. Expect this, a lot of blocking and chipping from your opponent. Yet I guarantee you that every now and then they will call capcom prematurely, this is when u go after them, calling your assist to punish capcom while directly going after your opponent keeping your opponent in blockstun so he cant counter you and if you happen to land a hit, then chain into your damaging combo.

If your opponent provides coverage while calling capcom, for example viper beam, and they seem to be repeating the same pattern then what you do is simply call your assist a bit ahead of time while jumping/super jumping (depends of who your facing, adjust accordingly depending of the range of the opponents attack), or if you can air dashing at your opponent so that your assist hits capcom and halts his corridor. Your assist will probably get hit by the point if he goes after him which means youll be right in your opponents face to punish the lag on his moves or right on his back ^o^ unless he decides to save his own skin and let capcom take the beating.

On the other hand, if your opponent is smart and varies his strategy, then dont call your assist and go after him since he will just probably do a super to pin you down while draining your assists life. What you do against these type of players is super jump away and throw fierces and roundhouses/build meter from time to time. During the times when youre not building meter, super jump towards the opponent while holding back in case they call capcom.

If they call capcom and have super meter to burn then try to hit capcom real fast and block before they super you. If they super you before you start your assault on capcom just block and let them burn meter or call one of your invincible AAA if you have one.

If they dont call capcom, quickly call one of your assist when you land to keep the opponent in blockstun and prevent capcom from coming out and attacking and attack your opponent head on so that he cant counter you (thats why I said pixies come in handy). If they do a super as you land, block and punish them if theres lag. If they have no lag then keep trying to get in and throw if all else fails. Just try to get them to burn all their meter to limit their options.

They should be running out of meter if thats all they keep doing to you and you should have meter to burn as well from all that super jumping fierce punches and fierce kicks.
If they decide to simply protect the assist with their special moves and from time to time burning some meter and building some then it can be irritating because youll super jump, block capcom, block viper beam, dash in block capcom, block air hyper viper beam, superjump or dash in block capcom and VB or AHVB. But thats like a trap and no one can hold a perfect trap so just wait for an opening or missed move then move in. This is where having someone who can effectively super your opponent and their assist come in handy since they tend to be overconfident in calling capcom and protecting him. Just anticipate the call, super, DHC into something safe and you wont be seeing capcom for awhile unless your opponent wants to risk calling him out in which case you quickly drain the remaining life of capcom even if it means costing your life. Ill explain this attacking point and assist concept near the end of the next paragraph.

Once they are out of meters use the tactic above of calling your assist while jumping/superjumping so that he punishes capcom and if your opponent attacks him, that should leave you with a window of opportunity to get him from behind if your opponents opts to attack your assist. If he doesnt attack your assist then its free damage on capcom, if he does attack your assist, you get him from behind or at least get real close to him. At one point there is bound to be a time when they are out of meters and call capcom too soon, which will allow you to safely zone in on them, rush them down since it still takes some time for him to get out and for the point to be able to call an assist again, or if they call capcom too late, then youll already be in their faces where capcom doesnt reach. Remember all those fierces and roundhouses youve been throwing out for the heck of things ? If your point character has a super disposable to punish and pin down the opponent then by all means do so after baiting capcom out by dashing back and forth or super jumping back and forth or in whatever creative way you can think of, anticipate him so that your opponent cant react to attack you. If you do your super after capcom comes out, then your opponent has a chance to counter you since thats what he is waiting for. BUT if you anticipate capcom coming out and do your super first then most likely your opponent isnt prepared for it. But if you feel like they will counter your super then DHC into someone safe so that the opponent cant counter you. If you manage to successfully hit capcom and pin down the point character with your point then DHC into another super that can keep both of them pinned down. Capcom will most likely be near death and he probably wont be called again for some time. If the opponent is stupid enough to call him again, then quickly finish off capcom even if it means costing one of your characters life since without capcom, most opponents piss in their pants and the reason they chose him was because their point characters are vulnerable to aerial assaults, and now that capcom is gone assault them from the air obviously !

-Make sure to make your opponent burn their meter
-Patience and a lot of blocking
-Strongly recommend one of the following
Invincible AAA
Assist the can punish and occupy capcom for awhile
Assist that can keep your opponent in blockstun long enough for you to rush in
Point character that has a super that can pin/attack both the point and assist
Safe DHC
Magneto Storm Sentinel or Cable =P

On the other hand if your opponent has two annoying assists, theyll keep you guessing. But Ill leave the other assists to everyone else and Ill prolly right up another one after I get through some exams at school -_- and if people give me good feedback on what I have written so far otherwise Ill just stop and leave it to the experts. I think Im missing things so wait a couple of days for me to change or edit something in my post. If you disagree with me on some stuff, which is perfectly fine with me, then please voice your opinions. Everything I wrote is what works for me and may not necessarily work for you but if you dont know what to do with capcom then hopefully this should have at least given you some outlook on what you can do. I type this in like real fast and typed it in with my personal experience. I might edit this a bit in the near future but I hope you enjoy what you got so far.

Just a few quick words of advice on assists:

  1. More than just Magneto can get easy snap-outs. IM can infinite -> snap-out. Venom also has the single best snap-out in the game, with quick start-up speed and half screen distance for range. Basically, flinch against Venom, you’re snapped-out.

  2. There are several skilled assist-punishers in the game. Learn how to safely bait the assist, then return fire. Storm can Typhoon XX Hailstorm assists. Sent has the c.fp XX RP XX HSF semi-inf against assists. Cable has the AHVBxN. From the air, Doom can PA assists. Felicia can turtle and Hyper Sand Splash assists. Silver Samurai can also turtle, then Ramaiken assists. There are more of these, I’ll add them as I remember.

  3. In addition to single-character assist punishing, you can also try frame-killing (FK) teams. Basically, starting point char is anybody with a zero-frame-startup super, the second character is Iron Man, and the third character is anyone with a high-damage super which is DHC-friendly and will likely KO. Magneto is the best choice for first char b/c of his skill on point, and the super in this case is Magnetic Tempest. Other choices can be Dhalsim for Yoga Tempest, Ken thanks to Sho-Reppa-Ken, Felicia with her Hyper Sand Splash, or Juggernaut can use Headcrush. The idea with FK teams is to take advantage of the zero-frame-startup supers to punish even the tiniest mistake. Opponent makes mistake, do the instant startup super and immediately DHC to Photon Cannon, which has horrible startup with IM on point, but DHCs in instantly. Then DHC from PC to your finisher super. Good choice for third character include Juggernaut (Headcrush), B.B.Hood (Cool Hunting), Cable (HVB), Sentinel (HSF - > semi-inf), Jin (Blodia Punch, Blodia Vulcan, or possibly even Saotome Cyclone, though the chances of the situation being right for that are slim to nill), or anyone else with an equally high-damaging super. If the team is formed correctly, your DHC should kill most non-Sentinel assists, even from full health.

  4. Another team-oriented assist kill is the THC of Death. The idea here is to form your entire team around a THC which will safely kill the assist. One character on any of these teams should be Ruby Heart on Capture assist. She’ll do Mille Fantome in a THC, which does good damage, is really slow, and easily covers everyone else’s exit, ensuring that you don’t get punished back. She should never be on point, though, as Mille Fantome has horrible startup time and you’ll tend to miss your opportunity. Good choices for the other two characters include Cable, Juggernaut, Iron Man (also should never be on point thanks to horrible PC startup), Hulk on Dash assist (so that he does Gamma Crush), Jin on Anti-Air assist (so that he does Blodia Punch), Colossus, B.B. Hood, Dr. Doom on Projectile assist (so that he does Electric Cage), or Felicia. The idea here is to build up three meters, then try to bait the assist. As soon as you see the vile thing, THC and kill it.

Be fore-warned, however, that options three and four typically have rather poor team dynamics, and will have to be played very carefully, something like an MvC1 Hulk.

Nice post Remy :cool: Much more useful then mine, practically summed it all up in 1/4 the size of my text :slight_smile: . Damn I suck :frowning:

They were both nice posts. :cool:

And truer words have never been spoken on your point #4, Remy. It’s really an all-or-nothing gameplan that Cable can often fry on reaction, thereby nuking your entire team in spectacular fashion… :lol:

…but it’s certainly an option, & good to be aware of.

thanks… sent / capcom teams have always been a major problem for me. a little extra help, that i’ll apply towards my game

I really liked your post. It gave a very detailed analysis of CapCom AAA. You gave more tips on learning to deal with a specific assist that is seen offten and can get quite irritating and intrusive. I thought yours was very well thought-out, and very useful.

anyone mind posting on how to deal with Dr.Doom anti air assist ? For some reason it ALWAYS messes me up, especially my friend’s ironman/doom duo which is freagin annoying/scary:mad:

who’s ur team?

i know one for mags/storm… TrI juMp… :smiley: works wonders… tri jump over them, get behind them, and tear doom up

Storm Sent Cyke and Strider Sent Doom mainly. My friend’s ironman’s lk abusage and jumping around mashing every possible lk out of IM seems to outpriorize me and he’s a smart player and calls doom to keep my in blockstun or as i’m landing towards him --_-- not to mention his IM’s fast fly…grrrrrr.

well… since ironman is really limited with diagonal attacks, and other aa’s… i’d suggest playing runaway. wait for his doom to get out, and then air dash over them. try to get behind doom and get cyke out, typhoon hailstorm. cyke will deal with doom, and u’ll get a free hailstorm on him, and even if IM blocks, he’ll get chipped.

doom’s aaa has a nice little in between time that the rocks do no damage at all. what i don’t like about your friend’s team is that doom works best with rushdown, since he gets teh most damage in during that time. ironman can play rushdown, but storm’s keepaway can own him. since doom has a pretty significant lag on his rocks, u can random hailstorm to get him out. just make sure you have some kind of protection, like sentinal or something. and that ironman is grounded in guard buffer or something so he can’t beam u.

with the lk abuse, his rush isn’t as rediculous as mags, so i would say that u can probably block down, and when he sj’s it wont touch u. u can c.hp from there, and launch him with storm.

i know alot of this you would probably already know, but i’m just going over what doom is about.

all i all, from what u said, i’d say that you should probably play keep. a rushdown storm will get owned by a doom assist. if you do rush, use sentinal to back u up, and if u can get cyke’s assist on doom, you got him. aside from that, i dont get the oppurtunity to play that many good dooms, so that’s from what i know how to handle

I forgot to add in my capcom assist novel to beware of superjumping when you’re pretty close to your opponent. You could end up crossing yourself up in the air and capcom will hit you in the mix up. This is the main reason he fooks you up. Since you are pretty close to your opponent you should rush him down quickly BUT block right away if he blocks your attacks (most of the time you’ll notice your opponent ramming on the assist key)thus the reason you should not finish your combo’s with something that has lag on it. Then proceed to follow what is written above in my first post :rolleyes:

anyone have tips vs tron bonne assist

whenever tron bonnes in play i run the fuck away i don’t even bother to try and rush down its not worth the risk IMHO.

she is THE counter to commando. her rings give her invincibility to a lotta stuff too, i think it snuffs projectiles and shit.

also the rings let her stay on screen for a long time, effectively snuffing out most attempts for you to punish her call.

Leaving for school now, but i’ll try to post stuff later because I use Tron assist a lot =) not to mention Tron herself :evil:

tri jump lk with mag beats out tron. anything else just get mag hurt. Some ways to get around tron is to tri jump over to the other side hoping that her back will be against yours.
Never call out an assist against tron unless its ken’s aaa.
there may be others I might be missing but dont. unless you know you can protect your assist.
Thats all I can think for now. Hope i helped.

First of all, what I say might not work for you but the main idea is to help you grasp the idea/concept of how Trons assist works and why when where reasons it will be used so that in the end, from whatever knowledge you gain from here, you can apply your own tactic. I admit myself that what I am about to write is not the sole or correct way to face Tron but try out whatever works for you. Again, anyone correct me if I make mistakes.

Tron (Projectile Assist):

How it works
Her range isn’t large but good enough to annoy. Her assist hits multiple times, it shows 3 on the combo meter but in reality you can still get hit as long as you see those waves from her beam coming out so beware of that. She appears a bit in front of where the character was standing when he called her, kinda like captain commando.

How to handle it:

Since you said that she somewhat beats capcom, Im assuming youre using captain commando on anti air assist with possibly sentinel. Tron beats capcom and at worse, she trades hits. You can approach her in various ways depending on the style of your opponents play. First and foremost, if your game is based on keep away then, you shouldnt have trouble with Tron most of the time since you are trying to stay away from your opponent thus staying away from Tron. So perhaps you are playing overaggressive which leads to death. Aggressive is good but I think only in spurts.

Rushdown type play:

If youre opponent is trying to rush you down, theyll probably be calling Tron for two main reasons, to keep you in blockstun as they attempt to get a hit in and/or cross you up hoping one of her deadly rings connects then follow up with a combo/super of choice. Its like the Psylocke AAA syndrome, Tron seems to come out every 2 seconds. Against these people, the best thing to do is return the favor and rush them down, of course do it diligently. Be sure to try to stay above Trons assists vertical range. Having an air dash or double jump helps a lot here. Mainly, if you stay close to your opponent and keep jumping then trons assist should just pass you by since it comes out a bit in front of the opponent. If your opponent cant cover his assist properly or cant hit you with anything really bad, with your captain commando assist, wait for your opponent to call Tron, then jump back about half screen away from her then call capcom, if done correctly, capcom should get hit by one ring and Tron will be blasted away. Cant confirm it but I think I remember capcom doing more damage to Tron in that exchange. You should mainly stick to keeping in your opponents face.

Keep away type play:

In keep away, heres how it normally goes, they keep you away and you try to get near them but once you penetrate their comfort zone from the ground, Trons rings come about to disturb. Super jumping may sound good but you will probably cross yourself up as you land and end up getting hit by 2-3 of Trons rings. Super jump from time to time to see how your opponent reacts but mainly stick at a distance where you can see your opponent well. Attack Tron with jumping attacks that have good aim downwards to get rid of her. Be sure you are jumping in from the length of one character away of Tron or else youll just be jumping into the assist. Dont think too much of Tron in keep away. Its pretty sad if they are depending on her to keep you away, the best thing to do is just jump over her, easier said then done but once you get the feel of her assists range, youll get used to it. If they have the ability to punish you for attacking Tron, in other words, using her as bait, dont bother with her. Block her attack if you are in her zone and keep trying to advance. Like with capcom, theres bound to be a time when the keep away tactic + Tron assist call will fall out of sync, then you must capitalize with your most damaging combo.

None abusive type:
These are the people that apply Tron carefully when rushing down and keeping away. They call her for one of those two purposes but they will be mainly using her to punish your assists. Basically, general rule vs Tron assist, unless you have an AAA with a dragon punch type motion (not all works) or something that will hit her from long range, then just pushblock her away, wait till the rings stop coming out then use this little time interval from where she gets off screen and takes awhile to show up again to get to your opponent and keep him in blockstun. Basically play the match without assist unless the opponent calls out its other assist character and counter it accordingly.

Side notes:
-Use projectile assists from long range before you decide to go in.
-Anti air assist with that has a dragon punch type motion will usually beat out Tron, (Cyclops, Psylocke,Ken) if called at the same time or after Tron is called. Calling your AAA before Tron is dangerous if you dont attack your opponent to keep him in blockstun long enough for you assist to leave the screen because Tron will just come out 1 second later to put your assist in A LOT of pain.

Well basically what you do against Tron, all summed up is, block her assist if youre in her zone and just try to stay one step ahead of your opponent and being in his face and jumping in a lot since Tron isnt anti air. If they do have an anti air assist or something else of some sort to go with Tron, then hopefully someone will post counter measures for that specific assist. If you are a keep away player then you should slowly be chipping away the point characters life while indirectly attacking Tron.

What I do vs Tron assist:
I just play the match always keeping in mind of staying away or not staying very long in the danger zone of where Tron can possibly hit and just concentrate my efforts on getting the point character while trying to counter accordingly if the opportunity presents itself.

Evil Sentinel bit… Call Tron vs. whiffed AAA, Rocket Punch, HSF. Ouch.

Treat Tron like Doom, only with Damage (capital D) instead of Chip. You can beat her out with beams, but straight travelling projectiles get eaten by the rings. Her rings provide her with total projectile invulnerability, not just three hits… she can sit through an HSF, giving the point a chance to call a countermove. She is vulnerable both during startup and cool-down… she has about as much start up time as Doom, and while her cool down is short, her assist is long, so they’ve got plenty of time to prepare for it.

Any AAA with invincibility will beat out Tron’s assist. However, a whiffed AAA gives your opponent (me) time to cross, or get in… and call her assist. If you’re flying high, and using Capcom to poke, beware… if they cross him up, he gets eaten alive.

On the other hand, she is vulnerable to downward pointing projectiles, as well as jump-ins… Stuffing her isn’t incredibly hard, but failing to is dangerous. If your opponent is good, they won’t throw her out unless they’re certain she won’t be punished… or that if she is, it’s a trade.

Guard Breaking into the Tron assist is fun… simply jump forward, call Tron, hit with a light, and wait. They fall into the assist, you recover, and can combo your broken opponent. Damage isn’t maxed (since their aerial), but it’s good.

If Tron is not paired with an AAA, you’d can bet that the point should be able to go aerial… because so much of MvC is in the air. Tron also functions better on point with an AAA, though a cover assist can lead to some good chipping strats. Baiting is a good idea… since most AAAs and Tron are punishable if they whiff.

Tron Jon

One thing to add about Tron:
The hits on Tron’s assist goes hit, hit, pause, hit, and it is possible to fall out of the assist during the pause. The third hit is also the high-damaging one. So unless your opponent is doing something to keep you in hit-stun during the pause, you can avoid taking the heavy damage.

Ok i’m having a ton of trouble with juggernaut assist. Well perhaps i should redirect my question to another interesting point. When someone calls an assist and super jumps over to your other side, or in most cases magneto super jumps and dashes straightforward while calling psylocke, i make my character block corresponding to the position of the point character but keep getting hit by an assist. Is there some glitch to this or do you have to block corresponding to the assist. I find myself strangely getting hit by juggernaut all of the time, a glitched one at that and glitch juggernaut dash assist paired up with cable = mags death…

Also how do you handle people who super jump while calling an assist and wiggling back and forth in the air to try to make you block an assist badly ?

…bleh, um im having trouble against cable and iceman proj. assist… i think its, jump grenade , iceman comes out , i trouble moving, any advice?

I think that every hit of Tron’s Assist does 15, in which case you would rather get the last hit [15] as opposed to the initial hit,hit [30]. Of course, if you’re crossed, they could just walk into you, pushing you into tron, forcing you to take the full 45 damage before they even think about comboing you. Another thing about tron, she’s got CRAAAZY hit stun from them shitz. . . .

P.S. does her AAA do damage as well?