Dealing with C Viper unblockable set ups



So last night I got 2nd in one of our local tournaments, lost to a C Viper, Doom Strider. I was playing Zero, Vergil Doom.

Every time I lost Zero to C Viper, I would automatically/was guaranteed to lose Vergil, as I have never been able to find a way to get out of the C. Viper+Strider unblockable set up on an incoming character.

Wanted to ask if anyone has found ways out of this was with an incoming Vergil.

Here are a few things I have tried, and why they don’t work:

Dimension Slash as soon you come in - you get hit my Strider most of the time still, and C Viper doesn’t get knocked down at all because she absorbs the hits.

Helm Breaker - C Viper absorbs it and will release it before you even touch the ground.

Helm Breaker X factor cancel into Dimension Slash - the helm breaker will sometimes hit Strider, but sometimes it doesn’t. And even if it does, C Viper can still cancel the unblockable into EX Seismo and that’s another 50/50 on whether or not it will hit Vergil.

Obviously, more options are available if he is Devil Triggered, which is something I may have to focus on in this specific match up. I usually don’t have my Zero on point with a Devil Triggered Vergil behind him.


if the strider assist is timed to the point that you can’t get a dimension slash out, then push blocking the assist will keep you in air above the focus attack. If the strider assist hits late enough to where push blocking it still gets you hit by focus attack, then dimension slash the second vergil appears on the screen and it should hit them both. 80% of the time dimension slash beats ex seismo since the orbs on the screen absorb the seismo


Yeah it depends on what assist they are using. If its Jam Session, a well timed Missiles call, Repulsar Blast or DT Rapid Slash your best bet it to just take the hit and hope they mess up the convert. Like Drew said depending on when they call Strider you can pushblock him to extend your air time which will make the focus miss.


Good shit. This was something I was curious about in the back of my mind. Hearing it come from grimey is just that much more reassuring.