Dealing with Captain America and Sentinel assist



So, out of both desperation and a craving to level up my game. How do I deal with this duo?

I’m running Dante(Jam Session), Doom(Missiles), Strider(Vajra) vs my brother, who runs–

Firebrand(Demon Missile H), Captain America(Shield Slash), Sentinel(Drones).

Taking out Firebrand isn’t really a problem since his health pool is so low. But the moment Cap comes in, it becomes painfully irksome to deal with invincible cartwheels and drones.

Not to mention he can zone exceptionally well because shield slash is a roundabout full screen combo able projectile in conjunction of sentinel assist.

The best idea ive thought about is snapping in Sent, and trying to deal with him then and there.

Any tips to help take out the American menace?


Easy. Just jump and do his charged shot. It could be high enough to whiff teh captain. And hit sentinel at the same it will eat all his drones too. If you charged it enough tho. Stinger + doom assist( make sure u press forward+H+doom assist all at the same time) is good too. Basically hits captain and sentinel at the same time while doom is producing missiles in the back. Make sure after stinger u bold cancel into reverb shock


Since I play a lot of point cap with drones in the back here’s some shit that will help you against your bro:

When you kill firebrand make sure you get to the corner as quick as possible (this should be no problem for you since you run point Dante) and start your acid rain into teleport mix up with missiles on incoming. Cap can’t do a damn thing about the missiles except for blocking but since you have acid rain going he wont be able to get out of the corner as easily. Once you get the hit I recommend snapping in Sentinel because he is the scariest shit while in XF3 (XF3 Sent doin shit like faster kara grabs into ToD, marvel 2 flight speed [at least damn near it], and he can trap you in the corner dealing you ridiculous amounts of chip with repeated drones/spitting into hyper sent force. basically a good anchor Sentinel with xfactor is just not fun to fight against even with a team as good as yours)

Now the trick here with snapping in Sentinel is that if he has any meter left and you attempt another mix up, then he can just harddrive out easily but there’s a way around this for sure. Do the same mix up you did before on cap except don’t teleport. Throw out bait for the hard drive because if he whiffs it then, more than likely, he’ll try to activate Xf and either a) frying pan or b) do some fly/unfly business. This will give you another shot at killing him off because if he activated xfactor then you have nothing to worry about but if he doesn’t then all the better for you because you can do either teleport with vajra mix up, acid rain teleport with vadjra or if you feeling like doin some swag, activate Devil Trigger while calling Vadjra or Missiles. Sentinel can’t really do much against this except for trying reaction HSF which should trade in your favor.

After that you should be able to bop him good. IF you need more help with specific stuff on Dante’s mix ups look up Momo’s thread in the Dante forums. Hope I helped you some bro


I don’t know what’s more annoying; the fact that Stinger+Doom missiles->bold cancel reverb shock is a superb and simple method to shutting down Sent drones, or the fact I couldn’t conjure up this method myself.

Thanks so much to the both of you. I’ve been wasting my time to do mix ups on Sentinel and Cap I’d always get hit by stray and sometimes random Charging stars or armored hits. Now I have a much safer method to approach them this way. Appreciate the thoughts, I’ll take them to heart!


You should be using Doom Plasma Beam. It kills drones from any call.