Dealing with chicken blocking



This might be a stupid question but how do you deal with this mess? My most common scenario is that my friend is playing wesker and I get him in the corner and start doing my flight pressure. He starts chicken blocking like crazy until he gets the air throw and I get a dead sentinel. When I go for the air throw, I get a jumping S to the face and now i’m trying to pull myself together. So please any tips will be appreciated.


st.L > cr.M catches jump atempts
Air throw.


If you’re gonna do some stomp pressure, go to training mode to learn the distance where Sentinel can still stomp their ass, all while preventing the enemy from trying to find a whole in your offense and air grab you.

If you have an assist backing up Sentinel, use’em


Most of the time my sentinel is the achor so therefore he’s usually on his own. I’m going to hop in training mode and start testing hitboxes.


[j. :h:, FLY, j. :h:, UN FLY, j. :h:, land, cr. :m:, FLY] —> repeat xN or until the opponent smartens up to try and air throw you, but this is his basic pressure string on a cornered opponent. If they try and push-block, the flight cancels (when timed correctly) will nullify advancing guard.

Even if you fail to time it correctly, usually, they open themselves up because of both a mistimed stomp (j. :h:) or a mistimed push-block causing them to dash forward into a stomp, which you them proceed into a combo.


Get some lows in.


Well the obvious answer is air throw, but then your asking what happens when I make a bad call on an air throw and Im stuck in the air whiffing a j.:h:, well personally I call akuma before I go for the air throw that was I get a number of option selects. First things first, if they up back I get an air throw, but if they hit a st. button they eat either akuma or my boot, both of which lead into a full combo and finally if they sit back and block I fly cancel my :h:(well I always fly cancel it since I have akuma) and can apply some pressure.

The lesson of the story here, always play sent with a good horizontal assist in the back.