Dealing with constant crossups



So I’ve been playing boxer for a little whiles now and there is something I still get schooled on every time, that being people who think they are cute by constantly jumping back and forth around me while i’m down forcing me to drop charges. how am I supposed to handle this and get some distance back. if this has been posted in an another thread already, i give you full right to make fun of me before pointing me in the right direction.


against a spamming fuerte/honda player you can just fadc out of it. if you’re otg and the player is doing a crossup sumo splash just focus attack, as soon as he hits you, dash out.

against people who do jump crossups you can do a couple of things, the most important is to block right.

if you’re standing and he is doing a jump to cross you up, just use c.fierce. there are so many options, i bet somebody will list them all.


turn punch, headbutt, or ex rush upper to get out and reset


@Flying_V: here’s a thread that might help you out. (But try searching next time. :slight_smile: )

Anyway, jump back fierce works wonders against scrubby Ryu’s that continually end block strings in cross up jump-ins. Also, if you can maintain your down charge you can do a deep headbutt into ultra.


If they keep jumping around you while you’re down and you can’t maintain a charge, FADC or TAP. If you have a charge, EX Upper. You’ll get punished if you use headbutt… at least I tend to.


IMO tap is the best way to escape a cross up if their jumping around like that


if you have people constantly jumping back and forth you are too close to teh target. Boxer’s sweet spot is about a c.HK s.HK distance from the target moving in and out. You have to keep this. if he tries to jump you just stuff him with c.HP

If you’re referring to wakeup the easiest and simpliest way to escape is just to use an ex bar and torpedo. If you go away from them it’s a good enough distance to reset. if it hits them you’re only -1 and you are fine.

personally if you have wakeup issues you need to learn to block/tech better. While boxer does’tn have an awesome wakeup like a DP blocking is still very important and i haven’t really been schooled on wakeup in forever cuz i just block/tech accordingly.


I main Rufus and right now, my only real saving grace against Balrog is mixing it up when he’s on the ground.


IMO against fuerte the safest thing to do is just backdash, as you can’t focus his throws, nor can you see the difference between his throw and tostada press.
Wake up back dash saves you from everything but a very deep slide

Proper dashing will also save you from either cross up spam or wake up cross ups. Much safer than tap i think.


FADC is by far the safest and best option. TAP is punishable and quite easily at the higher level

Jump Back HP is probably the best if he is being repetitive


Can someone comment on this Video. Apparently i lost to Rose’s pokes and cross up but 2nd round i had a chance for a EX-upp combo but i missed (all my fault). How to properly fight this Rose, which i felt is really decent.


Yeah happens to miss that combo . I miss it often . Not sure why you did a headbutt when you clearly missed the link.That something you need to improve :stuck_out_tongue: .

The rose was clearly baiting you with her fireball . Kinda like how 99.9% of the chunli play.That rose player prob though she was a chun-li . .Anyway .

Don’t use ex Dash for fireball . Unless it’s Upper … Since it’s safer and can lead to a pumpy combo (the one you missed) .Unless you’re Very close.It’s easy to punish.You prob have lost 30% of hitpoint through absorbed dmg.

if you play against such a player (baiting you with fireball) … Just wait crounchy and use headbutt to run through them.Don’t be scared about those charging you.When they tap you can punish them with headbutt also.

Tap backward when they tap forward.It’s work great .They often will make a mistake

Also at 15 … You really did try a dash at that distance?It’s was not even link.

Oh and cross Up … Learn to block.There’s no secret behind it.You can’t always get out of a cross-up and sometime you need to block.That rose player did the same patern the whole match and clearly you have no idea about that match-up …


IMO dash straight is a bit safer than dash uppercut, though the rewards for landing a dash uppercut are much better than that of landing a dash straight.

ex dash uppercut whiffs on crouching enemies. Every now and then it’s useful for sneaking in a throw if your opponent can’t react fast enough, but at high level play you can easily get punished for it. It leaves you at -1 on block (which is very safe from most reversal attempts), but it also places you within jab and throw range, essentially giving your opponent a free mix-up opportunity if they’re familiar with the frame data. Of course the main draw of using ex rush uppercut is that you can combo out of it if it hits, but you also have to be aware of the risks.

ex dash straight leaves you at -2 on block, which although isn’t as good as -1, is also pretty safe from most reversal attempts (with a few exceptions like Gief’s SPD). It does however, hit both crouching and standing targets, and when spaced properly will leave you out of the jab/throw range of most characters, rendering you much safer on block than if you had used dash uppercut.


You could have stopped a couple of those cross-ups. If you’re crouching, use crouching Fierce. If you’re standing, using standing Strong.

I can’t believe I forgot about EX torpedo upon wake-up.


blocking is also a good option since you could see those crossups coming from a mile away.
Seriously, if you can’t block don’t even attempt to use c.hp against crossups as it’s way harder than blocking


Wrong, Fuerte can catch your backdash with a properly aimed Tortilla throw or ultra if he gets a successful read on you. Against Fuerte specifically, forward dashes are also an option. Regardless you have no real ways to get out of the mixup for free against a proper Fuerte.


happened today in a g1 semifinal. I raged real bad lol


This if you dont have EX, if you do just do EX upper.


the problem that i was posing originally is that it is someone that is constantly jumping back and forth while i’m down not letting me hold a charge so i’m thinking TAP may be my best option on this one.


or focus backdash (remember they’re crossing you up, so you have to do fadc and dash FORWARD to get a backdash)