Dealing with constant pressure

I seem to have an issue where, if I play someone who is always pressuring me, I can’t get out of that situation. I can block and tech most of the time, but I can never seem to turn the tide. It seems like I don’t no when to counter/start adding my own pressure. I’m afraid of mashing buttons hoping to trade hits so i’m blocking until they get me with an overhead, sweep or grab. It just seems as if as soon as they stop there combo and i try to start attacking, they’ve recovered quickly enough to block or focus attack. After seeing the block, i try to stop my combo for the most part, but than they just keep attacking again and I’m back to being pressured.

I seem to end up in the corner constantly and quickly by moving back due to blocking all the attacks.

So i guess it’s a 2 part question.

  1. How can i reduce the constant up close pressure? (Better footsies, normals, ranging?)

  2. how can i avoid getting into the corner?

I main Vega, if that matters.

I hope I made sense in what I need help with.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Do you rely primarily on reactive offense (punishing mistakes)? If you are constantly being pressured and pushed to the corner it could mean that you’re holding back too much. Check your replays to see if you have a habit of walking backward everytime the opponent walks forward. It’s one of the easiest ways to get trapped in the corner. If this is your problem, then instead of walking backward, try to keep your opponent out with normals, or play footsies to maintain your position.

You should also be very wary of pressing buttons when you’re under pressure. Sometimes it’s better just to try to escape. Try a wall-dive, or a (focus) backdash (not if you’re near the corner though).

If you’re playing as Vega you’re going to want to try and keep them out. So, if they’re getting in and you’re Vega it’s understandable you might have problems with their offensive pressure. You’re going to want to utilize Vega’s normals and pokes. Vega has massive poke range compared to most characters. You’re going to want to try and keep them in your range, but not their own. Also, as the above user said, don’t be afraid to occasionally walk up just in Vega’s poke range to add a little pressure yourself. If you’re literally sitting back just turtling opponents tend to get in the mind state that they can press buttons all day when they finally get in on you which they will. Just show that you can add a little offense and it should perhaps alleviate some of their itchy trigger fingers and keep the spacing on more even grounds. You can always use Vega’s 3x punch or kick to help get some distance, but don’t abuse it. Also, jumping of the wall (not Flying Barcelona) can help get you out of the corner. I suggest you Youtube a Vega player by the name of Tatsu and watch some of his matches.

im not an expert on vega but i do dabble quite a bit, and i definitely have the same problem. instead of walking back, when the opponent is moving forward, try catching him with sweeps, cr.lp, and if you hit him with at the tip, its like +0 frame advantage which is pretty good (and only like -3 for regular block, but most people cant get much punish off of that). also, dont do unnecessary flips (3K and 3P). that can push you in the corner for no reason. also, try getting into positions where you can use his cr.hp as an anti air; once the opponent is trained to not jump, then use vega’s annoying ground pokes and blockstrings.

vega is one of those characters where you should be familiar with all of his normals, so try getting some time in the training room, testing the speed and range for his normals. also, i can see why you are scared of mashing buttons because i feel the same way, considering vega’s normals dont have much priority over balrog, dictator, etc. Also try doing ex wall dive (the one with the kicks lol) to catch their pokes. idk, this is crap advice but its something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like Vega’s cr. mp (I think that’s what it is) beats out a lot of shit because it starts up so fast and has really nice range. It’s also low enough that no one can sweep under it and hit him.