Dealing with cross ups and rush downs in SXT


As of late I’ve been having an huge problem with countering cross ups,I start to block and get crossed up than downed and they just over head to luck be in a block state,How could I preform and possible counter them


Perform them by knowing your character’s cross-up jump attack, and then do it. It requires you to be in a specific position and timing of when you press the jump attack button.

Difficult to counter if you can’t guess which side you need to block. Sometimes you’re able to use a reversal to bounce out (character specific), but you’re better off just learning the spacing that your opponent will use to either cross-up or not, and blocking in that direction.

This problem is compounded by the fact that the entire cast is able to do a cross-up or fake-cross up in the corner extremely easy by just changing the timing of your attack.


Makes sense thank you


don’t be afraid to dash forward towards where they jumped from if they are going for a cross-up then you can nail them when there move wiffs.