Dealing with Crossups?

Crossups, how do you deal with repeat crossups on characters that don’t have a DP?

I main Guile, but dabble in boxer, dictator and Rufus. I just can’t seem to get around decent Blankas and Zangiefs (and some Kens) that play an aggressive crossup game, once I’m knocked down, I’m pretty much done. There’s plenty of advice out there for the general matchups, but I’m seeing this as my weakness in general, and it applies to any character I’m playing, really.

How do you deal with aggressive crossup play?

Block high, block low, late tech
Jump back fierce/roundhouse (or aerial throw with Guile) to beat the follow up cross-up
Roll forward with Rufus
Teleport with dictator

Else you can forward dash, or FA dash depending on the timing and spacing.

Zangief is a pretty hard to deal with once you get knocked down though. Blanka’s hop shenanigans can be defeated with simple jabs.

Record the setups that usually beat you in Training mode and practice against the dummy.

Generally it just takes some good D. Block the crossup and the mixup afterwards, and they you can back up or jump out. If they just keep jumping over you, than each character has different ways to deal. Like ili said you can roll out with rufus. Characters with good backdashes (like boxer) can focus-backdash out. Record is very useful in training.