Dealing with Feedback

A month ago I played this guy that used to be on the same level as me! I stop playing for a while, but two days ago I played him again! The guy was a beast! Over 10,000 BP! We played Like ten matches and he totally own me on all of them! At the end of the matches I congratulated him and told him the matches were fun and How did he get so good! If he had some advice for my Akuma! Nevertheless, I am still waiting for his response…
I know that most people are on their own! But you know what? If all of us one to raise our level! We must all help each other! When I asked him to give me some feedback, I did not mean for him to give a comprehensive class on Super Street Fighter 4. I only wanted him to give me some pointers. However, me, at my low level, I do stop to help me people that ask me for help. They add me as a friend and I do whatever I can using bluetooth. I give them pointers, basic pointers. It helps them, and it helps me also! I get to practice some risky stuff I would not do in a normal rankings match!
With this post I do not mean to give a lesson of good deeds to people. I only want to bring attention to people to be full about themselves. Do not be like “My character is 10,000 BP if you are less than that dont ever bother adding me!” (Its funny, they ask for help! But at the same time, they are warning everyone with less BP, that they are not willing to help them!)
In conclusion, If we want to raise our level as a GROUP of players, we need to help each other. You know why the japanese players are so good? Maybe, because all of them play TOGETHER in the ARCADES and TALK with each other. They exchange tips and strategies! In the arcades they play as friends, in tournaments they try to destroy each other! So, I hope the next time somebody ask for pointers or strategy, please take some time to help that player. One may be able to practice some stuff to! Maybe we can form an endless arcade group, and we will become better faster!

PD: Myself, I dont know If I am a good akuma player. I just bought Super Street Fighter 4 after having for a year, Street Fighter 4 Vanilla. I am just have 2,000 BP, but I easily beat people with 5,000 BP. I need help though beating people beyond that level. I dont really know what I am missing to get to beyond 10,000 level.
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First, you might want to post this elsewhere.

I’m not gonna lie to you, the dudes probably a snob. Just find someone else who is willing to help that doesn’t just grind for BP.

Btw, BP means nothing [although it does show how much the person uses a character (AKA experience)]

BPs mean jack shit…it’s just a grind. You can probably get to 10k in no time if you have a clue on how to use Akuma. There are countless 10k bp players that do nothing but jumping and spamming reversals. If you really wanna learn something get some tags here on srk and stick to player matches with someone willing to help you.

I’d do it but we’re too far away and the connection would be awful.

good luck =)

I found out that “advice” is a double-edged sword: I was playing really good a few weeks ago. Then I posted up some vids and some joker (I’m only kidding, he meant well…) went and critiqued my play so that since then I’ve been so self-conscious about everything I do that I’ve found myself not able to win any matches, let alone keep up in some cases. I keep trying to study my moves and my opponents and that spells instant doom with Akuma.

Now it’s going to take me a while to get rid of that frame of mind. I had stopped playing for almost a week. Went back and played against a few people I know (CLxJames just put up some vids of me getting owned by him)… Looks like I’m going to have to wait a bit more before playing and just grind in practice mode to get my mojo back.

So my advice is: DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO ADVICE!! :wink:

First, I am new to the forum. Would you mind telling me where I should post my question? Second, thanks for the telling me that BP does not mean anything. I was really wondering why I was fighting people with high BP that did nothing but jump and spam fireballs. Thanks.

I understand what you mean. Sometimes, when I see videos of Momochi or Tokido playing, I try to do whatever they are doing. When I am not able to do it, I get own by the opponent. You get in a frame of mine that is different to get out of. Hence, you have to stop playing for a while until you get your mojo back. Now, about the advice issue. Maybe I did not explain myself when I talked about advice. But I am going to try to explain it with a comparison of scenes. What is the difference between playing in the arcades and playing online? Well, the arcades is a social experience. You get to play against someone, and If you lose, someone else gets to play while you wait. Also, when you are waiting. You get to learn about tips or tricks by talking to people around you, or talking to people waiting to play the game. The key word is TALK. You get to TALK with different type of players. However, Online you only play against each other to see who wins. It does not matter how you play, you only want to win. Most of the time there is no talking. In conclusion, when I meant looking for advice, I meant looking for someone to talk to while one plays. Not someone that owns you , and at the end of the match just sends you a message to tell you that you suck.
PD: Luckily, no one have ever told me that I suck, LOL.

If you have XBox Live I’ll certainly play with you, you seem cool. Well, I suck at IV so I have not been able to help anyone; however, I added a few players to my friends list who struck me as being very good and will continue to practice. I play HDR at an advanced level and there I actually taught one person how to play, so I definitely agree we should all help one-another. I’m all for the social aspect of Street Fighter, its why I’m always in a group party when I play the game. Playing ranked matches and dealing with losers and quitters is lame, playing in player matches with friends however…

I have Xbox Live! But I only have SSF4 for PS3! Thanks though! I think we get each other! We have to focus on making the game a SOCIAL EXPERIENCE! Today, I fought a Guile with 3000 PP! We got to talk while we played and he gave me some tips! I ended up beating him! He was a cool dude. Well, If someone wants to play me on PS3 feel free to ask me. However, lets all be prepared to exchange tips or tricks of the game. Maybe that way, we can finally beat the japanese! LOL
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Tips and advice is all good if you are a novice or just starting but beyond that if you want to get better then plan on hours upon hours in Training. Why? Because Akuma more than any character demands it if you want to be above average due to his low health and above all required execution simply because 1-2 mistake and it’s game over.

Last, one just needs to know the matchups and adapt against opponents and their playstyles. All the advice and tips aren’t going to help here period if you don’t have fundamentals down=Training.

So he did not answer back. Why are you taking this so personally. Many people don’t answer messages on PSN/XLive because they’re too busy playing the game.