Dealing with fireballs in 3s

hey all,

so i’m a long time sf4 player but now just getting into sf3. i’m learning urien and having alot of trouble with fireball zoning.

sometimes if they throw a fireball fullscreen and i parry it they just follow up with some move. so i have to parry twice, and it’s irregular rhythm and hard. so i’m thinking in those situations maybe just jump over the fireball and avoid it and try to beat their follow up with a neutral jump attack. sometimes instead of parrying i ust neutral jump over the fireball but maybe this isn’t the best way to avoid? anyways, enough about what i think…

the thing is i’m really used to sf4 where many characters have a move that flies through fireballs like bison’s ex scissor, etc. i know fireballs are not supposed to be not very effective in sf3, but i feel neutered without moves with fireball invincibility. so how do you guys deal with fireball zoning?

there are very few instances in 3S when somebody throws a projectile, you parry it, then they can get close and hit you immediately. parrying has no substantial delay so once you parry it you can move and do as you like before they’re in range to start attacking again. urien’s has nice range so jumping over projectiles and using that move is good. urien is large and does struggle against things like ryu’s ex fireball but the problem you’re describing isn’t something that’s commonly brought up in 3S. post a youtube video for better feedback. it sounds like you’re just scared to move after parrying.

general things to note:
-you don’t have to parry every projectile
-you don’t always have to parry the move after a parried projectile

Sometimes I’ll use Kneedrop to either catch them or just make that gap between me and the opponent smaller, if they throw fireballs from out of midrange. I’ll admit that it’s a novice tactic, but in this case it might be worth using since they probably won’t expect it.

Also try not to over complicate it. Blocking is still a very viable option even after parrying the projectile. Once you get more acclimated to the speeds of the moves this generally isn’t an issue any longer. It isn’t uncommon at all to jump at someone who is currently throwing a projectile and parry on the way in (heck it’s sort of Dudley’s MO to get in sometimes) but if your opponent is throwing a lot of projectiles then it may be better to block when you’re unsure and try to catch him in the recovery of a fireball. (If it’s fullscreen, just parry or jump it, no harm done.)

If you’re playing Urien it’s all about that knock-down anyway! So don’t sweat it too much if you take some hits getting in, once you get the knock-down the aegis fun begins.