Dealing with focus dash



Inspired by discussion in another thread.

As we know, sim has a lot trouble dealing with focus dashes to get in on him. So I had a look at the frame data ( and this is what I found.

s.MK has 3 active frames and 14 recovery frames. I’m not sure if the first possible dash frame is after all the active frames are finished, but that seems logical to me.

Some dash frames:

Makoto - 17 frames
Ryu - 18 frames
Chun Li - 16 frames (fastest in game)
Full list at

So Sim is at +2 frames at worst. This is key against makoto’s huge dash, since using s.MK will leave you at +3 if the dash cancel is frame perfect (or is it +4?).


Again, I really don’t think you understand the Makoto matchup at all. Being +3 with her in on you is really an awful, awful trade off. It means you’re probably about to get raped. The best you can do is push her out with back lk x n or try to frame trap her with short slide > ex.flame. The odds are really wildly out of your favor once she makes it to that range.


I never said I understood the matchup; in fact I was pretty clear that I don’t. I haven’t posted this to try and say the matchup is in sim’s favour either - this is just a resource to help find ways of dealing with problems.

Personally my main issue is with ryu focus dash - knowing that he’s at -4 afterwards is great news for me.

As for makoto, her dash is massive. If I’m correct about the frames then if she focus dashes at the wrong distance you get a free throw. Furthermore, being able to LK her away is awesome in my book because that’s pretty much the only move that gives you time to antiair if they jump.

Again, this is not an argument about who wins X vs Sim matchup. I’m looking for options and solutions to something that has been wrecking me in so many matches.