Dealing with Genei-Jin

How the hell do you do it?

Whenever I see it, I just go right into Turtle Time, waiting for an opening so that I can do :l: :hp: or kara-throw, but that only works about 10% of the time, and I still usually get beaten up pretty badly.

I hate giving out advice against GJ… but here’s a secret technique that you do /w Alex-


Actually, I’m being serious. Block until you see Yun walk up for a command grab. While you’re blocking, you’re charging for a stomp. Then when you see Yun try to go for a command grab, do a stomp. The command grab will whiff because Alex is in the air, and Yun prolly ends up in the corner, with bar running out, and the situation reversed.

Of course, if Yun has you in a GJ combo, you have no hope of dealing with it. :tup:

bend over and take it like a bitch

k i decided to edit and be nice, block low and look for overheads, and hope they’re wack cause i personally was taught to disguise my command grabs

Well, actually there’s nothing much you can do except for blocking.


and you pressure and corner trap that fugga !!

I dont know about you guys but ive played my fair share of generic yuns and they all start there combo with the dive kick.Parry that and they have nothing.But yea blocking is good.

look for a lunge punch, i know i’m shouldn’t but to get closer i always lunge punch but the thing is that since its 3 hits you end up too deep so you get auto punished, so if someone goes for a lunge punch on you, blocked or not you can punish them

at evo2k3 wouldnt ksk just ex elbow as the super started?

I’m pretty sure that anything Yun does in Genei-Jin mode will outprioritize EX elbow. I can see it working if Alex tackles Yun right when Genei-Jin activates and before Yun does anything, but you’d have to be pretty fucking fast to get that.

Are there any KSK vids of this strategy?

he just did an ex elbow, then KO activated, KO got hit in the couple of frames where you cant do anything yet

eh… just turtle the yun is going to mix in high lows and the cmd grab so just block. I rather take a cmd grab anyway. Every once in awhile you can throw out a stomp when you know they are going to cmd grab. But a good yun player is going to get damage on you some time in the round when they don’t combo it. Once thats over with get them in the corner and stay there. And watch out for them just jumpin out just smack that shit back down.

fuckin gay-ne-jin.
yeah i hate that shit.
i try to look for a parry opening (like the two hit shoulder tackle after standing fierce usually or that over head kick) and do jab xx ex chop to knock them away coz their meter is pretty much empty by the time they get up or its near empty after 1 knockdown.

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This sentence is an oxymoron.