Dealing with/Generating Offensive Pressure


Now that i’ve finally gotten better at defense (techs/high low blocking/crossups), I’ve realized one of my major weaknesses is that against better players i’m easily pressured by their blockstrings. Many times i would find myself blocking/teching all the time, trying to find an opening in their offense. Against other newbs like myself it seems to be easy as they don’t seem to know their frame advantages. But against good players (Rank B’s generally) they seem to know how to safely create pressure against me.

So question 1: how can I deal with strong offensive pressure game? like how would I know when is a good time to start striking back? and what moves are generally better to strike back with? quick jabs into combos? or high priority specials? is pulling off an ultra during what i think is an end of a blockstring to counter a good idea? what about backdashing? do recover times for dashes differ between character? can out backdash out during the blockstring or am i in blockstun? what about between the breaks? is neutral jumping+attack a viable way to reverse the momentum?

Question 2: How do they do it? How can i create such a pressure game with relatively safe blockstrings (at least thats what it looks like to me) and make the opponent go into defensive/guess mode against my pressure/mixups?) Does this have to do more with match-ups/frame advantages? or it is just something more of common knowledge?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! oh, and here is some info about the characters I play & those i have trouble with if it would help clarify things:

My Main: Cammy
Alt: Adon
Training with: Sagat, Vega, Bison, Akuma

Lots of Trouble with: Ken, Rufus, Bison, balrog, Ehonda + anyone played rushdown by a good player


well 1st off, from what it sounds like, your defense is pretty solid, u just dont know how to counter attack/punish. its specific for each matchup so i cant give u 1 answer, but it really just comes down to recognizing whats punishable and whats not. some things are made to be 50/50 and not everthing ur opponent is doing is safe, u just dont know whats punishable.

advice to fix: go back and watch some of you matches (or recall from memory if u can) and whatch you opponents block strings and offensive pressure. look for wiffs, slow starting normals, and normals with alot of recovery. if you wanna get really technical look up the frame data from each move they use on u and find out whats what./

as for offensive pressure, you need to learn from you characters (2 offense beast) best normals and specials, the right distancing, finding out what characters can punish ur moves on block or on hit, and from that point getting creative enough to string all of said knowledge together so you opponent has trouble anticipating your next move.

also learn more about the characters you have trouble with ex: their weakness, bisons wake options are pretty weak, so cross ups work well, but anticipate the teleport or ex psycho crusher. i fool balrogs with cross ups n safe jumps.

sorry if this seems like a lot, dont lose hope, just keep at it, you will get better with time, just keep playing and keep reading/learniing from hear and other sources. sorry for all the spelling errors or any fragmented or run on sentances, but i hope i provided some help.


first ask yourself how did they get in that position to start their offense? did they get a free regular jump-in when you were both at neutral position? if so that means your anti-air isn’t that good? did they out-poke you and you got swept? that’s the first thing to work on.

question 1: if it’s a frame trap trying anything w/o i-frames will get you fucked. for cammy, CS>FADC backdash or CS. of course you don’t want to do this ALL the time cause if you do then your opponent will just block everytime and the risk/ratio isn’t in your favor, but if you never ever do it then you’ll be easy to read. you want your opponent to know that sometimes once in a while you will throw it out. backdash is also alright, but if you do this too much you will get punish also. after a tech (im assuming that’s what you mean when you say break) you both should be in neutral position and resetting the positioning game so just don’t let them get in again.

question 2: getting a knockdown is a good way. as for how to get your opponent in a defensive mode this comes by feeling out how your opponent plays. example: does your opponent wake-up w/ an i-frame move at every time? does your opponent like to mash i-frames in between combos? do they only do that when they have two bars? or does your opponent like to just sit there block a lot? are they teching your throws a lot? some will change during the match, but that’s also when you change.


I think now that you have the defense down, your next step is to just learn the matchups. By that I mean, learning what everyones attacks look like, where they pause, when they do certain things. Just stay relaxed. Sounds like you know what you need to do, you just dont know when to do it, that depends on the character your playing against.

You’ve got a couple basic options to stop the offensive pressure.
Jab or light kick. (tapping crouch tech to the rythm of their attacks is a nice way)
Back Dash
Focus attack
Or reversal move, like the cammy spike i think its called, her dragon punch like kick, or an ultra, something with invuln frames.

Which of the above you use depends on who you face and the situation. just keep playing, keep paying attention and just work on memorizing what the offensive pressure looks like for each charater and start experiementing.