Dealing with hate mail?


Hey, not 100% sure this is the right sub forum, but figured it was kinda a newbie subject…

How do you guys deal/respond to hate mail after games? I had my first last night after a guy ragequit just before the end of the first round after I’d nearly perfected him. He was very jump in happy and every one I anti airred easily and followed up with a cross up combo, then he’d just get up and jump in again. So he quits and sends me a mail saying I need to attack more and not make him do all the work?


Be nice the first time n tell him he needs to do something besides jump because it’s easy 2 punish. Then just ignore if more of the same. easy!


Ignore it. Arguing will do you no good. He will think he’s right and he’s mad right now so he’s not likely to change his mind. Waste of time.


Put the hatemail on SRK so everyone can get good laughs, lol.

In all seriousness, just ignore it. Believe me, fighting/discussing with people that are angry/stupid will not do you any good. It’s a waste of time doing that. If you want to, you can send him one message saying your opinion, but that will probably get you more hatemail.


i’d kinda understand if I’d been playing particularly scrub like, but all I did was punish his jump ins - thats pretty standard play right? Surely thats his fault for not quickly learning not to do that? =p

Is there a set thread for laughing at hate mail? =p


On the PSN, you can go to account management, highlight the account settings and then scroll down to notification preferences. From there you can customize your notification preferences so that you will not receive mail from anyone else other than whomever is on your friend list.
Otherwise, just simply ignore the hate mail altogether and continue playing.


They call it Scrubquotes, sir. I highly recommend it.

edit: link!


you could always send them my personal favorite. “git gud casul”


not just “Get Salty? QQ More!”


Thank you sir!


I started sending back mail telling them exactly how I beat them and how they could have beat me, and about 1 out of every 5 people stop being shitty and learn from what i tell them :slight_smile:


How do you guys deal with people who send messages bashing on you even though you are still training? Like those egotistical guys that are really good but just kind of discourage you from playing the game. I’ve been playing this game since sfiv but I guess I can never get good and I usually get discouraged from playing this game anymore when people send messages calling me a scrub and saying I am free and I mash everything.


Lots of people are dicks. It’s easier and better to just ignore them.


Thanks. Yes you are right, I love this game to much to let people like that bother me.


Find a picture of that guy with the saltshaker sign at EVO from a few years ago upload it to 360 and use that for your response.


Treat it as a badge of honor. Go pat yourself in the back (and maybe have a drink) whenever you get hatemail or get someone to ragequit.


I don’t. I just feed off their salt and move on, knowing I did something right.


I mainly get hate mail on cod. I usually laugh sometimes i will replied back telling them not my fault they suck so they can get mad. On fighting games. Haven’t played online in yrs. When i used to. I hardly get hate mail. I would just laugh… Hell i get hate mail wen I do bad on SF.




I do this: